So about 3 years ago, i had this group of friends that I referred to as the "faithful 5" but i havent really spoken to any of them recently. We check in on each other every once in awhile, but we never see each other and we probably never will. We've grown up and forgotten about each other. I never really thought of that happening until it actually happened. But ever since high school started, I've been opening up to different kind of people and I've found a great group of friends. Yes, sometimes I feel like they're not so great but maybe thats why I love them so much. Their flaws are perfect and they're perfectly flawed. I have had some of the greatest times with the faithful 5 but its time to let that go... I'll always love them but it looks like I've found something better. All I'm worried about now is messing it up. That's all I ever seem to worry about. Thats okay though. I'll try my hardest(:

Kat ^.^