You and I were running
Running from something huge and large
For we never knew what a broken heart felt like
A moment came as we sat in silence
No words to be said but whispering cries
We were scared at what a loss we had experienced
And here we were… Lost in this hell
We never been here, we just wanted to go home
Home to be safe, in your arms
I promised to protect you, to keep you safe
I said I loved you more than needed
I regret all the times I told you the opposite
You and I, we ran
Faster than we have ever ran before
I’m not going to lie but its been love from the start
Two loves meant to be in a hell we never knew
Now as we run, he gains his speed as we did the same
You cried and cried as I told you it’ll be okay
We found somewhere to hide and we sat til dawn
Tomorrow’s passionate night, I promise to not forget you
For here we were once again in a hell we didn’t believe in
I held you near, I held you safe
Never forget the past as it teaches you a lesson
Never give your heart to someone who isn’t worth dying for
A broken heart can tear you, shred you into pieces
But now as we know…
One can never stop you from what you love
You and I, both scared
That now we know….
This is just a nightmare of a broken heart