( created two Jackon and his father Goreon, Goreon is chasing after his son Jackon full of anger and bloodlust since Jackon hates to kill for no reason and his heart and personality is more like his mother's then his father's so Goreon is really pissed off and he woud even kill his own child. You can still make your heartless cold brute whenever you want to.)

Asbel looked at Blackheart it's fine so don't worry I'm not going to force you to do what you don't know, and Mist will be fine so don't worry so much okay." he said to black heart with his tail wagging. he jumped to his feet and and bared his fangs looking around the area where they were hanging at. Asbel's ears pinned back and his tail curved and got into a fighting stance ready for anything that would attack and he stood in front of the others to protect them form any threat that could appear anytime.

Ariena just laid back down she had no interest in fighting a thing, no matter how dangerous it would be, she just closed her eyes and totally ignored the commotion that was going to happen. She knew is will be blood shed soon once the opponent appears from the brush of the forest. " Asbel will take care of this in a flash and I have no interest in helping at all no matter how violent it will get." she said and passed out to rest for a bit and ignored any sound her ears caught.

a maned wolf appeared and looked around baring his fangs and was ready to attack anybody who interfered with his task in disciplining his son no matter what the punishment was. he will make sure to deliver it with full force and he glared at Asbel and he growled deeply in his throat and attacked first, but Asbel just smirked and his alpha instincts surfaced then he dodged the maned wolf's attack and grabbed the male mane wolf's Scruff and pinned him down to the ground for he won't fight back.