So next month is Christmas, to be exact its in 41 days, I have a countdown, I know might seem weird but I'm excited. Despite the fact that the year is yet again just FLYING by for me I really can't wait for Thanksgiving in 3 weeks and Christmas in 41 days. I hope I can get gifts for people before Christmas, I really would like to at the very least make people something but I'm not sure I can even do that this year, well maybe if I use my babysitting money I make this Friday on buying supplies for it, I was planning on using some of it for snacks for Catching Fire when I go next weekend with my cousin but I need the money for gifts and things for the store so I don't know I might just go to the dollar store to buy some snacks for the movie. Anyway back to what I originally was talking about, excitement for Christmas and Thanksgiving, last year was the first time I was excited for Christmas, this year is the first time I'm excited for both, I hope my aunt doesn't bring her freaking posse again this year but I know she probably will. It wasn't that bad having all those people here last year just A LOT to clean up for and after.