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The Chronicles of the Weezie and the inflatable turtle
Weezie's random ramblings!!! Wahaaa!!
Let's fill out a random survey!!

Hey, so this is a random survey I found online called 84 questions. Just filling it out for the heck of it.

1. Put your music player of choice on shuffle and list the first 10 songs
Shelter- Greenwheel
I'm Still Standing- the cast of Glee
Out of our heads- Sheryl Crow
Love U More- Steps
Everytime We Touch- Cascada
Rock and Roll is dead- Lenny Kravitz
Stacked Actors- Foo Fighters
You Really Got Me- Van Halen
Regression- Dream Theater
Ain't No Sunshine- Eva Cassidy

2. If you could spend a week anywhere in the world, where would it be and why? Would you take anyone with you?

I'd probably go back to New York. It's such a beautiful city, and so much to see and do. I'd take Taina with me of course.

3. What is your preferred writing implement?
A computer keyboard. Or one of those fancy calligraphy style pens.

4. Favourite month and why?
December. Christmas. Easy question.

5. Do you have connections to any celebrities?
My Dad's first cousin is Graeme Revell, a film music composer in Hollywood. And Dad met Paul McCartney in an elevator once.

6. Name three items you could pick up from where you are.
My ipad, my ipod, and some dental floss.

7. What brand logo is closest to you currently?
Johnson & Johnson (again, the dental floss)

8. Do you ever play board games or other non-computer games? Got any favourites?
I love board games. Most recently me and Taina have been playing the DVD board game of Doctor Who, because Taina got it for my birthday last week. But overall my favourites are Cranium and the Game of Life.

9. A musical artist you love that isn't well known
The obvious answer to this is Newton Faulkner. Although just recently I discovered a band called HAIM I really like.

10. A musical artist you love that is well known
Fun- they're pretty well known now, and Imagine Dragons. Also of course the really well known favourites of mine like The Beatles and Queen.

11. What is your desktop background currently?
It cycles through different photos saved on my laptop. At this second it is a photo of me and my university friend Emerald on our graduation day in 2011.

12. Last person you talked to, and through what you talked to them
I'm assuming by the wording of this question that texts also count. So that would be Taina, as I texted him not long ago. Before that, my friend Leem. The last person I actually spoke to was my work friend Marcus just before I left work.

13. First colour name you can think of that isn't in the rainbow

14. What timekeeping devices are there in the room you're currently in?
My laptop, my ipad, my ipod and my cellphone all have time settings on them. Also the TV and the Sky TV decoder. And the PS3.

15. What kind of headphones do you use?
Just cheap earbuds, like the ones that came with my ipod, and some free ones I got on Pacific Blue flights a while ago.

16. What musical acts have you seen perform live?
Green Day, Good Charlotte, P.O.D, Presidents of the USA, Split Enz, Killing Heidi, Zed, Metallica, Tadpole, The Dandy Warhols, Blindspott, 48 May...probably others I can't think of right now.

17. Does virginity matter to you?
In short, no. You hear about people making this big deal of losing their virginity, saving themselves for the perfect time or whatever. But the thing with sex is, usually the first time you don't really know what you're doing so it's bound to not go perfectly. So who cares when it happens or to whom?

18. What gaming consoles do you own?
Me and Taina have a PS3, a PS2 and a Wii. Although the PS3 has been malfunctioning a lot lately.

19. What pets do you have?
None. My parents have a cat called Missy. She's a weird cat that pukes a lot, so I'm no great fan of her.

20. What's the best job you've ever had?
In many ways, my current job at Specsavers. Pay's not great but at least it's gone up a couple times since I started. My coworkers and bosses are really nice, we get bonuses for good sales and stuff, and I get to learn useful knowledge and skills. So overall I'm happy with it.

21. What's the worst job you've ever had?
Probably Burger King. There were things I liked about it, but I never got a payrise the whole time I was there. I was sexually harassed by my co-worker Ricky. I had numerous injuries from the slippery floors, and most of the managers were idiots.

22. What magazines do you read, if any?
I generally only read magazines if I go on a plane and want something light and easy to read, or in waiting rooms for like doctors or wherever. I just read whatever catches my eye from the headlines really. Maybe Womens Weekly, maybe Cosmo, whatever.

23. Inspiration behind your URL?
I don't really have a URL...except for my Facebook page I guess. That's just under my username Weezieishness because that's a username I use for lots of stuff. Just because my nickname is Weezie, and adding the ishness to it makes it unique enough to use everywhere online without needing to add any numbers or anything.

24. Inspiration behind your blog title?
Haha. This journal is called The Chronicles of the Weezie and the inflatable turtle. I came up with that a long time ago. As a joke, in emails to friends, I invented an imaginary friend character called Roger the Inflatable Turtle. And so that's where it came from I guess.

25. Favourite item of clothing?
My purple satin-ish dress from Pagani. It's pretty, it's dressy, but it's not over-the-top so I can wear it anywhere.

26. Are you friends with any exes?
I'm still good friends with Jason. Not that we get to catch up too often, his work schedule's a bit crazy. But he sent me a birthday text last week. Brennan I was good friends with, but we seem to have lost touch over the last year or so. I hope he's doing okay. In a way I also consider Glenn an ex...but we definitely didn't stay friends after all the drama a few years ago.

27. Name at least one book you loved as a child.
Jemima Puddle Duck, the Beatrix Potter book. I rented it from our school library every week for several months when I first started school.

28. What's your native language?
English. New Zealand English.

29. What email service do you use?
Hotmail primarily. I have Gmail too, but I don't use it much.

30. Is there anything hanging on the walls of the room you are currently in?
Yep. Photo montages, of photos of stuff from the last 3 years- mostly friends and family, and particular events like birthdays and holidays. Also, Taina's wall scroll of Link from Legend of Zelda. And a big New York radio city music hall photo thing...Brennan gave that to me several years ago as a gift for Valentines Day or something.

31. What's your favourite number, and why?
Nine. It's kinda silly really. As a kid I decided one day I needed to have a lucky number. So I threw a dart at a dartboard. It landed closest to the number nine, so I decided that was my lucky number, and I've stuck with that ever since.

32. Earliest moment in your life you can remember?
My third birthday. I remember playing with a toy piano I had gotten, while sitting in the lounge. Mum came in and said she wanted photos of me and my birthday cake, so she brought the cake out to the lounge and took photos with me, my brother Nick and the cake. The cake had green icing and flower decorations made with pebbles.

33. What did you have for dinner yesterday?
Rice Risotto, Thai Green Curry flavoured. I added mushrooms and crumbed fish fillets into it too.

34. How often do you brush your teeth?
Haha, yeah...I've gotten so bad with that. When I lived with my parents, I brushed my teeth like twice a day. Now I'm lucky if I remember to do it every second day.

35. What's your favourite candy/ chocolate?
Whittakers Almond Gold chocolate. Or Whittakers Peanut Butter chocolate.

36. Do you have other blogs currently?
I still have a LiveJournal account. But I never post any journal entries there.

37. If you were suddenly really hungry, what would you choose to eat?
Probably one of the packets of scroggin in the cupboard. Or the half open packet of chippies on the bench.

38. What fandoms would you consider yourself part of?
Doctor Who, although I'm still quite far behind, I need to see a lot more recent episodes. Harry Potter. I was a massive Animorphs fangirl back in the day, but Animorphs doesn't really have a fandom anymore, only us devoted readers still remember the series.

39. If you could study anything, what would it be?
Probably more Theatre stuff. I miss being at Uni.

40. Do you use anything on your lips? (eg chapstick, gloss, balm, lipstick)
Na. Maybe lipstick on special occasions. I probably should use chapstick though, I get quite dry lips.

41. How would you describe your sense of humour?
Crazy and random. I've always loved stuff that's weird and random, like Monty Python and The Young Ones.

42. What things annoy you more than anything else?
Rude customers at work. Our current government in New Zealand. Never having enough money.

43. What kind of position are you in at the moment?
I'm sitting on the couch. Legs stretched out, feet crossed over one another. Laptop on my lap.

44. Do you wear much jewellery?
Na, I can never be bothered. I wear earrings always. I might wear more when I'm going out or whatever, but even then often I forget or can't be bothered.

45. Who is the leader of your country currently?
John Key. Unfortunately. His name rhymes with donkey, I feel that says it all.

46. Last 3 blogs on your dashboard, not including any of your own?
I'm going to skip this, because I think this is a specific Tumblr thing, and I don't use Tumblr. I could see what's on my Facebook wall, but I can't be bothered.

47. What do you carry your money in?
My wallet.

48. Do you enjoy driving?
Yep. I like to play my music and sing along.

49. Longest drive you have ever been on?
Not sure. There were a lot of long drives on family holidays when I was a kid. The longest drive I've done myself was from Wellington to Napier.

50. Furthest away from home you have ever been?
Not sure which is further away, Germany, England or the US.

51. How many times have you moved house?
5. Plus as a baby we moved from New Plymouth to Upper Hutt. So technically 6.

52. What is on the floor of the room you're currently in, not including furniture?
Taina's jandals. An empty icecream container we used for something. And an empty plastic bag.

53. How many devices do you own that can access the internet?
Three that I actually use for the internet: PS3, iPad and laptop. Plus my cellphone can access internet, but I never bother. Maybe I would if I had a smartphone, but I don't need one of those really.

54. Is there anything that is guaranteed to always make you happy?
A sunny summer's day. And upbeat happy sounding music.

55. Is there anything that always makes you sad?
Certain songs or types of music. And just thinking about particular things, particular memories.

56. What programs do you have currently open?
Just Internet Explorer.

57. What do you associate the colour red with?
Fire, strength and power.

58. Last strong smell you can remember smelling?
Coconut. Mischa at work was wearing some kinda body lotion or something that smelled of coconut.

59. Last healthy thing you ate?
Vegetable stew for lunch at work.

60. Do you drink tea or coffee, and how much per day?
Coffee yes. One or two cups per day.

61. What do you associate the colour blue with?
Ocean. Patience, calmness. Serenity. Sunny blue sky days.

62. How long is the closest ruler you can find?
30cm/ 12 inches.

63. What colour pants/skirt are you currently wearing?
I'm wearing grey trackpants with a pink trim.

64. When was the last time you drank water?
Too long ago. Probably the last time I went to the gym. Like three weeks ago.

65. How often do you clear your browser history?
Rarely, if ever.

66. Do you believe nude photos can be artistic, rather than erotic?
Yes. I've seen some cool photos, like with body art painting or whatever.

67. Ever written fanfiction for anything?
Animorphs, back in the day. Harry Potter too a long time ago online.

68. Last formal event you attended
Probably my uncle's wedding last year

69. If you had to move your birthday to another date, what would you choose?
Like some date in June or July. Winter months are boring so it would break up the year a bit better.

70. Would you prefer the beach or the countryside?
Beach. I love the ocean.

71. Roughly how many people live in your town?
No idea. 100,000?

72. Do you know anyone with the same birthday as you?
Yes. A lady called Claire I did a show with at Upper Hutt Musical Theatre shares my birthday. She went to the same restaurant for her birthday last week that me and Taina went to. And in primary school, I briefly had a friend called Amber who shared my birthday.

73. Favourite place to shop?
Pagani. And Farmers.

74. Do you have a smartphone?
No. I would kinda like one, but it's definitely not a priority, especially as I already have an ipad.

75. What is your least favourite colour, and why?
Brown. Poo colour.

76. How do you spell grey/gray?
Grey. Because I live in New Zealand.

77. Go to your dashboard and describe the image shown in the radar section
Again, a Tumblr thing. Dunno much about that.

78. What difference is there between how many followers you have, and the number you follow?
Er...I could use Twitter for this I guess. It's pretty even I think. I don't use Twitter much, so I have very few followers, and follow very few people.

79. How many posts do you have?
No idea. I could find out how many Gaia posts I have by checking my profile. But I can't be bothered.

80. How many posts have you liked?
Don't know, don't care.

81. Do you post mainly reblogs, or your own content?
My own, in my journal. On Facebook I sometimes see things I like people have posted, and share it on my own wall. But not often.

82. Do you track any tags?
No. Again this seems to be a specific question about something that doesn't apply here.

83. What time is it currently?
8.48pm. I should really make dinner now.

84. Is there anything you should be doing right now?
Making dinner. Or catching up with Taina, now that he's home from work.

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