Nearly 12 am. The back door... the cold steps. Sneaking out. People I'm not supposed to see. The grass crunches under my feet... too much noise? Maybe. The gravel makes even more noise, but I'm far away now. The road... I follow it. The moon glows down on me. The church... standing on a hill, in front of pine trees. I wait... the pine cone is placed in the pocket of my hoodie. I see a car pull into the driveway, and they drive to the back of the church. I follow, quietly, unsure if it's them. It is... we meet. It's been years. He offers me a drag of his cigarette, and I accept to be polite... it makes me cough, and he laughs at me. My brother. My friend.
Years. I was unsure. I thought, I followed, I thought more, I contacted, I thought more, we talked, I thought more, we met. I walk with him. We talk about things that haven't been spoken of for years, until it trails off into friendly catching-up. He hasn't changed... and that's good. I can use an easy friend.
We walk. It could be a new beginning, or it could be another lost cause. It's been so long, we both have separate side stories... he had his heart broken, too. The meeting ended, and there was talk of a next meeting. He was happy to see me, maybe even happier than I was to see him. It was good, I didn't try too hard. I was cool... I guess I'm just cooler than I was back then.
I got what I wanted. We met again, and we talked, and he hasn't changed a bit. Maybe I can break this ongoing unhappiness? A brother is something I can use.