------I told my professor that I actually enjoy writing in class essays that he makes us do because its like a stress reliever. So he tells me that he writes everyday to coalesce his thoughts together and piece them up everyday, which is why he is also good at public speaking which he claims. I believe him, which is why I will attempt to write here at least whenever I'm bored. Its like exercising the mind at least.

------I have a small dilema, really I bought a new guitar last month and I kinda wanna sell it. I've been on the quest to search for the perfect guitar a few weeks back. Some specification it needs are:
- Set-through or Neck-through build, not Set Neck or Bolt On
- Active pickups; preferably EMGs or SD Blackouts
- Superstrat shaped body, no tremolo system no floyd rose
- Flamed Maple top
- Red finish
- Pretty a** inlays

------So yeah, I haven't found a guitar that fits the criteria fully yet, but I have come to four that are really really close. Three of them are by ESP company in the LTD brand one is by Schecter. They are

LTD M300fm
------My this fits the criteria as a whole, except the floyd rose. I'm opting about it though
but the floyd rose from what my cousin says is a lot of maintenance, it makes string changing a b***h, and when you pop a string at a show, your whole guitar cant be played anymore. Unlike fixed bridge; where you pop a string and you can easily replace it on the spot.
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------This is fits except the lack of pretty inlays, which is okay. so I might get this.
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------This is basically a better version of the H351NT, because of better hardware like locking TonePros bridge, and the locking tuners, which makes string changing a piece of cake. It also has a albalone binding on the neck compared to the H351NT, but it still lacks the pretty inlays.
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Schecter Hellraiser C-1
------This one is like the H1001FM but its slightly different. first of all, it doesn't have that flame maple top that I wanted, instead it has this quilted maple top, which isn't that bad. It also has pretty inlays compared to the Ltd's, it has those pretty cross sections. It doesn't have the big cutaway at the back of the guitar, but its okay. It also has these things called coil taps, which give me a vast variety of what kinds of tones I want, compared to the linear Ltd's which don't have them. So I might get this too.
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------Overall, I have no Idea what to get. Maybe I shouldn't sell my new guitar so I can either get one of these, because I just recently got it. And its also my first flying V so I'm not sure if I should sell it.

Thanks for reading this ridiculously boring journal entry (unless you're into guitars and play like me!) This is Anikacy, signing out.