Abigail Travinsky - Teenager in 1967- 18 Gets hooked onto LSD HARD. Has psychosis similar to Johns from "A Friend in Need". Winds up killing her friends and dealer and admitted to psychiatric hospital. Brutally murders a nurse and herself. Dealer is David Leatherhoff, Has son named Billy that gets killed in a car crash with drunk father.

Drake Travinsky - 1917- 20 years old 1960- 63 1922- has son 1941 Gets called to World War II after pearl harbor attack 1942 goes missing.

Drake's Son - 1949 son gets married and has a daughter (Abigail Travinsky) Son plays no major role in story.

Informant: Doctor that lived through a similar event as John but was actually killed when he was about to get the Key to his bosses office and Gabriel was responsible for the actual delivery.