One year after the vampire who cursed me sailed away into the dark of night I went to the mainland and went to a ruin my mentor told me about when I was younger he told me that it was full of ancient treasures that belonged to our order and some of the others and he wanted me to help return them when I decided I was old enough and able enough. As I head to the ruin I walk towards the cave entrance that covers where the ruin is according to my mentor one of the orders greatest fortresses was in the cave, but that was before they were wiped out by repeated attacks by humans under demon and other evil creatures. After i squeezed through the small opening into the cave I walk up to the door inside the cave I place my hand on the door and speak the words my mentor taught me "Life is pure, truth is eternal, Lies are death." As I speak these words the doors slowly start to open and allow me access to the ruined fortress that no one has been inside for almost a thousand years.
As I walk deeper into the fortress I notice a distinct vile smell coming from what i believe to be the old alchemy lab. I walk through the half open door and see a fresh human kill hanging upside down their blood being drained into vials for some unknown purpose. I grab the tubes and pull them out of the person and I throw the vials on the floor and they crack. I pull out my small knife and cut the person down and I lower them to the floor and sanctify their body so that no beast can feed on them ever again. As I stand up and walk out the door I close it and seal it with magic. I continue through the fortress reaching the great hall where the knights made their final stand against the evil ones. I reach the throne where the grand master sat and led my order. I walk behind the throne and pull a hidden lever and a door right behind the throne opens up and I walk through the door and push it shut behind me. I walk down the spiral stair case and reach the treasure room and pull look for the one artifact my mentor said i was to have an ancient set of armor that only the grand master could wear it was said to be light as a feather, but as strong as mythril. I walk to the very back and see the armor in an alcove with a sword laying on the ground with a golden hilt and the symbol for sun on it; laying next to the dust from bones laying on the ground beside them. As I walk forward I notice the other treasures my mentor asked me to return to the other orders. I walk to the armor and slowly remove its place. I put each piece on with great care and speak the incantation my mentor taught me "I am the lord of truth the long awaited and long searched for." As I speak these words the armor begins to glow with a bright white light which lights all of the torches in the entire treasure room. After the bright light stops glowing I notice a shadow at the far end of the room. I pick up the sword and slowly walk towards it as I get closer and closer I hear a hissing sound and I look up and see three vampires on the ceiling.
I jump back quickly but not fast enough the vampire that was directly above me slashes at my chest plate it falls off as the vampire cuts the straps. I fall down and impale the vampire that cut the breast plate of the armor off he lets the sword go as the impaled vampire turns to ash. I roll backwards and stand up and draw the only weapon I had which was a silver dagger. As the vampire rushes me I slash the vampire he knocks the dagger out of my hand and attempts to break my arm I feel my arm snap I reach up with my free hand and build up a small fireball in my hand and punch the vampire in the head. As the second one explodes into an ashy fireball. The last vampire and I circle each other I know I am in no condition to fight him and I remember my power I lunge and let the vampire grab me and I place my hand on his head and shout "EU".