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The Chronicles of the Weezie and the inflatable turtle
Weezie's random ramblings!!! Wahaaa!!
A random post from last month...
14 October 2013

So right now we have no power at our place. We've been having a lot of crazy weather this Winter/Spring- storms and crazy wind. Today we are having an extremely windy day and the flat keeps creaking and moving a bit with the wind. And I'm not sure why, but our power has been out for over half an hour now and I reckon that must be from the weather, wind knocking something into power lines or something like that. I've been texting Mum, who's power is still on, and she reckons from what she heard on the radio news that there are lots of places without power across the lower North Island.

It's a weird thing really, because without power I'm at a bit of a loss as to what to do. No internet, so can't check emails, or go on Facebook, or play The Simpsons Tapped Out on my iPad. No phone line. No TV. No PS3, PS2 or Wii so can't play games or watch DVDs. Can't even cook dinner or microwave food, or even boil the kettle to make a coffee.

I was playing DDR when the power went out. That was okay, because my laptop had some battery power, so I was able to keep playing, running on that. In fact, I'm currently on the laptop now, typing this out on Notepad because there's little else I can do.

I can't watch Coronation Street, because I can't get onto TVNZ On Demand or YouTube without internet. Can't put on the other load of washing I was planning to do. Can't listen to music, at least not through the speakers anyway. All the have is the battery power on the laptop, iPad, cellphone and iPod.

Makes me think really. About how much society has changed. Ten years ago I didn't have a cellphone, laptop or iPad. To be fair I did have internet then. But only dial-up.

But like when I was a kid. I grew up in a world without internet and cellphones and it was fine. People a century or two ago didn't even have power at all. Their only entertainment, if they were at home by themselves was to read a book or something like that. It's a concept that seems weird to us today because we're all obsessed with technology.

I certainly hope the power comes back fairly soon. I'm a little lost without it, truth be told. I've just taken it for granted, all these years.

Anyway. So today's the only day I've had off this week. Normally I get a proper two day weekend of Sunday and Monday. But a few weeks ago Marcus asked if I'd be willing to work this Sunday (yesterday) so he could do something involving Bathurst and his brother. I said sure, because Sundays are often quiet, and it's a shorter day than a regular work day, but we still get paid as though it's a regular 8 hour day. Plus I figured Claire would just roster a different day for me to have off work to make up for it. But apparently not. so I worked a six day week instead. It was quiet at work yesterday though. We have this competition at work at the moment, and we have to beat sales targets and whatever, and this week our target was getting really good sales on Saturday, over $7,300 or something like that. So all the Optometrists were rostered to work on Saturday, and then to make up for it, gave whoever was supposed to be testing on Sunday the day off. So at work yesterday there was no Optometrist, no tests. Just me, George and the new girl Vic hanging around, not doing much. I mostly spent the day catching up on paperwork I'd needed to do a while ago, and George and Vic served the few customers that came in to browse or collect their glasses. It was Vic's birthday so we shared some trashy food, little mini mud cakes that Vic had brought, and some cookies I brought in.

Yay, the power's back on. Well, I shall do something electricity related activities, and continue this later.

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