The sun will rise, but it will also set
And the moon will divorce the sky
We'll be left with soft hellos
And quiet goodbyes

Like the time my father left for months
Without any ease
And the way my uncle's cat was possessed
Those two things I will never forget

Why the dreams I have each morning
Are slowly turning into nightmares
And all the scars I've come to know won't fade

Like the way I love the moon and the stars
How the first time I saw my shooting star
Was the best night I ever had

But unlike fate,
We are destined to lose each other
And maybe that's why we lose the ones we love
But soon I won't forget the way your face lights up

Why the reason I can't sleep at night
And the reason I'm thankful
For everything I've come to know

Because without the friends I have
Whats left of me will be nothing
And I couldn't ask for anything better

Like these words are stuck in my mind
At one in the morning
And I have to write them down
And it's keeping me awake

How I long for the taste of lips
Or maybe the sweet embrace of a hug
I will never know for sure

But through it all I have managed,
To find my self within
And I'll always love the ones closest to me

Like flowers that bloom
Then wither and fade away
This is the life I've come to know

So take my word for it,
These dreams I've come to know
Are starting to become reality

And like the sun that will set
It will rise somewhere else
And the moon will divorce the sky
I miss you