So, I've been thinking about this entry since yesterday. A lot has happened this week, and I'm not sure where to start. So much bothers me that I feel like I was trampled by all of it.

As a quick overview: the jehovah witnesses came back and finally got under my skin enough to piss me off more than they had previously, my room mate bought a laptop for himself for a hundred and fifty dollars but refuses to fix the tricycle that we've had for nearly a year, my room mate wants to kick me out of the house on monday so I won't be in his way when he cleans but forgets I get lost extremely easily (which he's known for years), f*cking google is forcing google+ on everyone who might want to communicate on youtube using the comment section, the legend of korra annoys me now more than it used to, I previously watched sword art online on adultswim but it seems like they keep skipping episodes which is a big "sit on it and spin you assholes" to the viewers so I'm giving up on that show, and I hurt my shoulder so its painful to do pretty much anything. stare This week has f*cking sucked.

*sigh* The easiest place to start, I suppose, would be the shorter stuff first.

The shoulder injury happened first. On tuesday or wednesday, I woke up in a large amount of pain. It took me several minutes just to sit up. I thought it might be a pulled muscle, my room mate thought it might be a pinched nerve. I used the internet to look up both and stretching was suggested for the pinched nerve. So I've been doing that and sleeping in a different position and although the pain is still there, it isn't as bad as it was the first day.

"Sword Art Online" is a show I've been watching for a while now. I saw comercials for it on adultswim and thought the animation was gorgeous and the concept was interesting. The reason I've never mentioned it is because I found it to me kind of "meh" as far as story goes. Not sure if it was ment to be the way they are showing it, but on adultswim nearly every episode does a time jump. I can usually keep up as it seems that the jumps are meant to get the story down the line faster, but I always wonder what happened between the time jumps? What have the characters been doing? It makes very little sense to jump so many times into the future so that viewers have to get caught up each episode on what has been going on. Each episode has some sort of exposition dump in it. They could have spread out the time frame in the episodes a little more so that things flowed better, but no, exposition dump it is. It just isn't all that good as far as the story line goes. They do touch on several topics as far as mmos go, such as the changing of personality that can happen, sudden loss of contact with family and friends, the forming of relationships in the games, and a few others, but little comes of it. Such things are more of a side note than anything else. Such a wasted opertunity. The one longer lasting thing that happened was that the main male protagonist and the kinda/sorta main female protagonist developed a relationship and got hitched, but the time jumps and very little character development made me just not care about them. If thing had been slowed slightly and built up better over time, again, it would have been better. So, if the show wasn't really good to me why did I continue watching it? I was honestly curious as to where it would go and kept hoping they would do something more with it. Turns out it was just an excuse to have swords and awesome magic like stuff while still being connected to the real world. Somewhat like Inuyasha. With a few rewrites it could have been set in another world and everything would still work pretty much the same. I finally decided to give up on it with the last time skip. It appears as though jumped the season finale and started a new one. Last episode that was shown the characters were still trapped in the game world. The most resent one the main male character had escaped and was talking to himself as if his girlfriend/wife could hear him. Usually that is used when someone dies. I thought maybe I had forgotten to watch an episode so I went back through my record list. It deffinately wasn't me not keeping up with it. So as I'm watching I'm trying to figure out what the f*ck happened between the end of the last episode and the one I was watching. I finally just said "screw this" and turned it off five minutes in. Just a big waste of time if they are going to keep airing the show in that way.

The other show, "Legend of Korra" is a bit more annoying to me. I loved the first series. Every episode I laughed at something. Every episode wasn't too dark even in the more serious ones. I liked that light heartedness and I think it would be good for kids to see that yes, there are serious moments, but that doesn't mean you can't ever laugh or smile. And every character had a funny moment in the first series with the exception of the fire lord. He was supposed to be menacing so, that was actually good. However, with the Korra series there seem to be too much serious in a majority of the characters, while a small number are relegated to comic relief. Sure there were a few comedic moments with the serious characters, but that was back in season one. The second season has cut out that tiny bit of comic relief and left it to the comedic moments to the comedic characters. I know its supposed to be different characters this time around because its a new series, but would it have killed them to lighten the mood? This is a show for kids right? In the previous series at the last battle that is supposed to be their save the world moment, Sokka and Toph still crack f*cking jokes. Since the beginning of the second season of Korra, I haven't cracked more than one or two smiles, not per episode, but over all. Not only that, the first season has no impact on the second. Come to think of it, I could have skipped the entirety of the first season and started with the seond and not missed anything. That is sad as far as a television series goes. Then there are the f*cking retcons. I hate retcons. It breaks so much of the first series. A writer breaking a universe is usually considered a bad writer. As an example, one of the things that Aang learns that helps him win the fight with the fire lord is that people used to bend energy before bending the different elements. Season two of Korra throws that away and says "no they got bending from lionturtles". So, the entire ending of the first series is now junk? It also ruins people learning to bend from their enviornments and the animals in them. Sure, there was a showing of Wan doing the dragon dance with a dragon while training at fire bending, but that's it. And didn't the sun warrior civilization do that? Also, how are spirits able to travel back and forth between the spirit world and the physical world if the closing of the portal was supposed to keep them from doing that? How did the old library get t the spirit world? What we were shown in the first series is that it sunk into the sand. Is the spirit world under the physical world? If so, how does it have a sun? Also, Iroh was in the spirit world. His explanation? That when he was done in the physical world he moved onto the spirit world. Is that a nice way of saying he died or was it a choice? Can people choose to live in the spirit world now? How exactly do they pull that off? Also, in the first series, Aang had to find his body to be able to come out of his meditation state. Does that not apply to Korra? Why do fire bender sages have flying bison? Why would a bunch of fire bender sages know things that no one else in the world expressed knowledge of? And the f*cking good verses evil bullsh*t! I liked the first series because there was a lot of grey area. Hell, we even see a drawing of the fire lord as a child. It was people verses people, not people verses god-like being that is clearly evil. And there was the question "are people born bad?" There is no right answer, and the show did not give it. I thought this was great. I love it when people do that with their work. Makes me question what I would do and why. But if they go the route it looks like they are going (Vaatu joining with a human like Raava did), then there will be a good guy born (the avatar) and a bad guy born (the anti-avatar) each and every cycle. It takes away the grey and plops a line between the two sides. I just prefer it to be muddled a little. Like in moments when food was stolen by people. Sure it was bad, but they needed to eat. Were they right or wrong? Let the viewer think about it and decide.

Next issue: My room mate. He has a week of vacation starting monday. He wants to clean on Monday so he wants to kick me out of the house so I'm not "in the way". Fine, I guess, but where do I go? What do I do? He suggests a clothing store (via the bus) or the library (again, by riding the bus). The library is not an option as I would have to return any books I would want to check out. To check out books I need an ID that shows my residence. I don't have one of those. So shopping is the next option. I don't like shopping. Period. I do need certain things (like a bra that doesn't poke me), but the problem then becomes riding the bus. I get lost so easily, I'd probably end up getting on the wrong one and riding around on it for several hours before picking up the phone and calling my room mate for help. I could walk the two miles to the nearest store I guess. It would be a pain in the ass, but I could get there and the temperature is about right for me to do so without any danger of getting over heated. but what would be really helpful would be a personal transportation device that I could use to get there. Like the tricycle. Its rusted to sh*t and has no breaks so I can't use it as it is now. But it would be helpful for more than just going to get clothing. Grocery shopping could be done with it too. Also, with a simple mode of transportation, I could actually go out and look for a job. OOO-AAAAH. But lets not do that! Lets buy a f*cking laptop for a hundred and fifty dollars. Maybe I'm being too harsh. He lost his computer to a pawn shop because his employers are assholes and wouldn't let him go get the damn thing on the last day he had to get it back. I'd be pretty eager to get a computer too if I lost mine. But the tricycle has been sitting there for nearly a year now and nothing has been done with it. I don't know how to fix it and he's stronger than me so I would need his help to do work on it anyway. The damned thing would be so useful to both of us, but no! Each time I bring up fixing it his reply is along the lines of "but people would break in if someone wasn't home" or "it would take a while to ride it form here to the store and you don't know the rules of the road when on a bike". He treats me like I'm handicapped or something. I'm not. I just want to be able to do things and be helpful around here. I also want to be able to go out on my own and do things. I'm terrified of his motorcycle so I refuse to ride it, and I get lost if I ride the bus. This situation is all kinds of frustrating sad

Google and youtube bothered me when they issued an "update" this week that doesn't allow comments unless the person is signed into google+. This is annoying because its forced on everyone, its glitchy as f*ck, and there is no reason for it. If they had wanted to update and make things better, great, but the way a person has to go around to do things is so crazy and unfriendly to users that it was a stupid move. They should have tested everything fully and rather than force google+ on everyone, entice them to use the service in conjunction with youtube. How they implemented it was basically to tie everyone's hands together and say "we'll untie you if you use this thingy here". That isn't how you get someone to like your crap. You allow the separation but add cool bonuses if they use the thing you want them to use. Forcing people to do things they didn't want to do in the first place pisses them off and in the long run hurts the business forcing them to do it. Several things they implemented with the new system are nice, like the longer character allotment, the downside being its now unlimited and people are spamming like crazy now. There are word filters for those who want to moderate their videos and channels and that is good for them I suppose. MundaneMatt pointed out that he could see a list of replies without going to the video page, which is also nice for such people that find that useful, downside being that anyone that gets thousands of comments in a short amount of time would have a difficult time with it. Then theres the spam filtering which doesn't work right and ends up filtering out things that aren't spam. There are also "top comments" set to be the default first thing a person sees each and every video. Setting it to "newest comments" isn't much better. It updates automatically now with no way to pause it like we could before the update. So while reading through the comments someone might want to read a rather long one and if they can't read it fast enough the auto updates push it down to the reader has to go find it and find their place again and hope they can finish reading before it updates again. That is seriously annoying. Then there are the email notices about getting comments, which some have reported don't come at all or they come from both google and youtube at the same time. So, google spams everyone now. Like those stupid social games that make people bug their friends. Assholes. Can't even up vote or down vote a comment without signing into google+. F*cking rediculess...

And for the cherry on top of this sh*tty week: the jehovah witnesses and their insanity. I mentioned before that they said something that really pissed me off. Not much else stuck in my mind from their visit this week other than this one thing. It was insulting and ignorant. We got into talking about other religions and they said everyone else lies. I corrected them using an example that illustrated that a lie is a deliberate falsehood. They had no come back. That somehow moved on to other religions. I brought up buddists and a little of the knowledge I have of them. I am no expert but I knew enough for the conversation we were having. Anyway, I quoted the line "wanting leads to suffering" and something I read on the forums here about buddists needing to realize everything suffers and accept that. Their reply was "then what? what is the goal of that?" I didn't really know, so I said "peace of mind, and enlightenment". They repeated their question and I didn't answer. They are not small children that need to be told things over and over so I wasn't going to do that. They continued on their babbling. Saying things along the lines of "they have no destination" and "people like that are going no where". Seriously? A buddist can be more than just a buddist. They can be christian or atheist or whatever else at the same time. I tried to relay this to them but they apparently put in ear plugs and wouldn't let me explain. They said those people are wrong because they don't live how the bible says to live. At which point I gave up. I smiled and nodded and waited for their bullsh*t session to be over. Then I went inside and drank some rum. Not everyone believes the bible is correct and many can point to instances where it is freaking harmful. Same can be said about every religion of course. They just refuse to hear and learn about anything that doesn't agree with them. And "what is the goal of that?" really? If I had thought of it at the time I would have said "whats goal of you taking your kids to the beach? it doesn't serve god in anyway." F*cking idiots. Ooh, I almost forgot, I had to correct them on what evolution was. I even gave them an example of what it is (moths in England that hid from predators on tree bark around the industrial revolution). Its really hard to deal with this level of stupid on a weekly basis. Next time they come I'm hoping to have my room mate be there with me. He's braver than I am with what I say to them. Fingers crossed.

GOOD GRAVY THIS WAS LONG eek Took me five hours to type, including breaks I took. I wish I could write for this long with my other writing projects. If anyone reads this entire thing you deserve a really big cookie yum_donut (or donut, because gaia doesn't have cookie emotes).