Dear Gaia Officials,

I, Sara, started playing your game in August of 09 in 2005. I had quite playing due to a glitch that I told you about but never got fixed, which was my avatar saying it was a girl but in fact it was a boy. In the end I bought a gender blender and it fixed itself. I am not writing you this letter to tell you about this though. I'm writing, because I've read forum after forum of people writing and complaining about the changes and I wanted to tell you most of the changes are good but could be tweaked here and there. Here are my suggestions please you them to your disposal.
1.) Add more games (smash box is boring and I had more fun with the jack game)
2.) Why is there a Town 2? Get rid of it it was a waste of time and space unless you can somehow move the bugs,trash, and free gold from trees/bushes I see no point to it
3.) Comic's/Manga add more to them. You let it die and you should pick it back up because know one likes half started stories.