I saw my high school's production of "Our Town" by Thornton Wilder tonight, and I'm feelin the feels pretty hard. I'm currently watching a movie to get me over the feels, but I don't know if this is gonna work. They were some particularly feely feels. I mean, this play got borderline tear jerker, sniffles in the audience and everything. None from me, of course, because I'm a Biggg Dog and I had to thug it out in front of my designated female. I don't think we're calling each other boyfriend/girlfriend yet, and a friend called her my "designated female," so I'm just rolling with that term.
But really, at the funeral scene, I bet I could've probably gotten all croaky in my voice if an actor had cried or something. I was watching, and one of my friends who was acting looked pretty close to tears, and the song choice was that "If I Die Young" piece by some female country artist, pretty good choice. The song was probably what had me feeling it the most. The song and the transition when they were showing all the people who had died by the time the young wife died. They were doing the slow walk, hand shake "Don't leave me" kinda feeling thing, and I was definitely feeling that. That's when the audience was sniffling. Not me though, cuz I'm a thug. And my designated female probably would've laughed at me.
I didn't wanna post on twitter how the play had me feelin the feels because people from the play follow me and they'd be saying words.
It was one of those plays that tries to point out how we under-appreciate life, and life could be taken from us at any time. It made me want to live forever, or at least die at the same time of everybody I love. That sounded a lot creepier once I saw myself type it out. I just don't wanna go to bed tonight feeling these feels though.