-----Its been a while since I've written something, so here's a shot. I am at the highest of high, at the peak of content, past the skies of desire. I always have this habit of coloring my words like that, I don't know why but it makes me feel colorful. Unfortunately I can sense the colors fading away soon, but that's normal. After all we live in the bones of a dying world.

-----In a more non colorful way and more explanatory way, I've been good. I started jamming with this guitarist in my school, we share the same taste of music. He's pretty good, so we decided to make a band together at least. His name is Leo, he's been playing for five years he tells me. In case you didn't know I've been playing for eight or nine years, at the time of writing this. So yeah, I think we complement each other as guitarists, that's something hard to find with all the people I've been jamming with. He can solo, but his solo's are different from mine, where as mine is more machine, and technical, his is more human and, emotional; which I like personally.

-----I haven't been zOMGing in a while so sadface, but life outside has been adventurous lately so I'm sorry my readers. I've been thinking of making my journal more friendly so maybe you can comment bellow if you ever met someone that compliments you artistically. Like if you're a writer like me, and you meet an analytical reader and you guys become a harmonious pair.

-----Anyways, I've been thinking about writing more about my mother. We've been good to each other lately so yeah. Maybe next time, in another journal entry.

Thanks for reading, this is Anikacy; Signing out!