Am going to post song lyrics that express my personality and moods. Cause a lot of stress and friends that just wont shut up are annoying me haha. First song
In a dream, I could see
You are not far away.
Anytime, anyplace,
I can see your face.
You're that special one
That I've been waiting for
And I hope you're looking for someone like me.
In my dreams,
I can hear you calling me;
In the night,
Everything's so sweet;
In your eyes,
I feel there's so much inside.

(Start of Chorus)
In the nights... Dream delight...
I want to see you standing there.
In the nights... Dream delight...
I've found someone who really cares.
In the nights... Dream delight...
I want to see you smile again.
In the nights... Dream delight...
You're the one I've waited for.
(End of Chorus)

In a dream, we can do
Everything we want to.
There's nowhere I'd rather be
But here you.
The stars above light the way
Only for you and I;
I'm so glad I found the one I've been looking for.
Keep the dream
Of the one you're hoping for;
Love can come
Through an open door;
Just be strong,
And you're sure to find the one.

For me this song means a lot. It is saying even though love my not be with you now just wait cause someone even more amazing is waiting for you and you just need to be patient.