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Queering Up Everything: The Life: The Journal
Using this mostly to record my eternal questing.
Questing List (updated 1-9-13)
I can't sort my wishlist, so I'm going to record the priorities here. I'll usually go for the pricier items first, and group them if they belong to a set. For example, Rosamund's Revenge and Rosamund's Redemption would be grouped together, and would go before Lumiere Noire. Prices are estimates, generally rounded up to the nearest 10k gold.

-Herbalist Aisha (17m)

-Princess of the Universe (37.5m)
-Princess of the Woods (34.1m)
-Princess of the World (33m)
-Princess of the Heavens (31.37m)

-Herbalist Lavenda (26.75m)
-Herbalist Aisha (17m)

-Ashen Marionette (24m)
-Pale Marionette (23.75m)
-Pink Marionette (23m)

-Lamenting Lucie (71.5m)
-Lavish Lucie (19m)

-Hero Manner (60m)
-Loving Manner (34m)
-Angelic Manner (3.5m)

-Trickster's Gimmick (26m)
-Trickster's Stratagem (16m)
-Monsieur Loyal's Reprise (62m)
-Starry Little Clown (550k)
-The Magician (210k)

-Heart VS Mind (30m)
-Heart + Mind (27.5m)
-Heart X Mind (7.5m)

-Rival Style (28.5m)
-Loathing Style (20m)
-Monster Style (15.5m)

-Saint Ciel: Agape (28m)
-Saint Ciel: Storge (10.2m)
-Saint Ciel: Eros (4m)

-Crimson Puppeteer (25.5m)
-Puppeteer's Reprise (14.3m)
-Puppeteer's Marionette (12.18m)
-Puppeteer's Doll (10.9m)
-Puppeteer (8.73m)

-Rosamund's Passion (19.24m)

-Mint Sundae Sweets (4.5m)
-Strawberry Sundae Sweets (2m)
-Sundae Sweets (2.3m)

-White Swan (7m)
-Black Swan (5.48m)

-Reve Marin (6.2m)
-Reve Rouille (2.9m)

-Clerical Nurse (1.35m)

-Dark Chocolate (7.2m)
-Mr Frou Frou (5m)
-Hard Candy Rocker (2.5m)
-Cupcake Cutie (990k)
-Black Licorice (670k)
-Cookies x Creme (610k)

-Checkmate Void (4m)

-Dark Temptress of the Watery Depths (1.19m)
-Ivory Guardian of the Inland Sea (690k)
-Prince with a Wavered Heart (570k)
-Peaceful Ruins (175k)

-Serene Green (1.1m)
-Scenic Tea Party (1m)
-Oolong Wonder (800k)
-White Delight (990k)
-Bitter Black (800k)

-S-Pop Club: Rayna (3.4m)
-S-Pop Club: Taja (3.4m)
-S-pop Club: Odele (2.8m)

-Anesidora's Gift (2.8m)
-Anesidora's Woe (850k)

-Demon Manifest (2m)

-Kottan Bell Reunion (1.25m)
-Kottan Bell (700k)

-Carol of ol' Ebinezer (790k)
-Carol of ol' Nick (640k)

-The Blue Rabbit (400k)
-The Red Rabbit (300k)

-Somber Dreams Air (315k)
-Joyful Dreams Air (100k)
-Romantic Dreams Air (75k)

-Gradiose Imports (240k)
-Silken Imports (200k)
-Lavish Imports (190k)

-Faustine's Bottle (20m)
-Bewitching Beauty (19.85m)
-Slate Dragoon (17.86)
-Harbinger of Silence (12.95m)
-Icy Ascension (10.4m)
-Rural Sheriff (9m)
-Stage Makeup (6.9m)
-Clueless Lady Feathers (4.7m)
-Petite Cherie (3.8m)
-Polar Tear (3.4m)
-Trestle Lurker (3.4m)
-Forlorn Opera Singer (3.3m)
-Steamgear Desperado (3m)
-Sultry Sorceress (3m)
-Secret Retreat (2.45m)
-Danseuse Enchantée (2.2m)
-Sinuous Ink (2.05m)
-Hidden Ace (1.99m)
-Sky Rogue (1.875m)
-Child of Gevaudan (1.85m)
-Divided Stars (1.8m)
-Cassiopeia (1.75m)
-Weeping Wanderer (1.54m)
-Vivacenote (1.5m)
-I, Gradient (1.5m)
-Noel's Gift (1.4m)
-Seracila Pendant (1.2m)
-Scarlet Mist (1.2m)
-A la Fondue (1.1m)
-Enchantress's Shade (1.01m)
-Bad Moon (1m)
-Fondue (930k)
-Lyndexer's Journal (800k)
-Beer Goggles (800k)
-Vegan Vampire (740k)
-Favored Heiress (700k)
-Fatale Monstrum (650k)
-Duchess Delacour (640k)
-Tendril of the Deep (630k)
-Dirge of the Deep (550k)
-Charming Glint (510k)
-Celebrated Comet (480k)
-GO Phones (420k)
-Sparkleplum Dreams (400k)
-Brave Temperance (290k)
-Reversi Tragedy (179k)
-Equestrianism Fashion (175k)
-Kink's Reprise (120k)
-Kuiper Belt (109k)
-Dwarven Locks (84k)
-Snow Deer Companion (65k)
-Purple Prose (35k)


-The Sandman Dreams (30m)

-Plague Revenant (5.4m)
-Petulant Enchanter (3.4m)
-Forsaken Templar (1.6m)
-Capricious Mage (800k)
-Berserk Conjurer (687k)
-Zealous Engineer (500k)
-Bewitching Minstrel (200k)
-Reverent Cleric (120k)

-Deific Templar (7m)
-Faded Revenant (7.1m)
-Veracious Musketeer (1.26m)
-Dextrous Marksman (700k)
-Earnest Minstrel (525k)
-Feisty Berserker (450k)
-Honorable Shaman (175k)
-Cunning Bandit (120k)
-Resolute Hero (80k)

Body Dyes (I might or might not use inks, or buy them)
-White (44.5m) User Image (8/500)
-Pink (8m) User Image (4/500)
-Red (8m) User Image (99/500)
-Orange (1.5m) User Image (12/500)
-Green (1.2m) User Image (70/500)
-Blue (2m) User Image (78/500)
-Purple (6m) User Image (10/500)
-Gray (24.5m) User Image (0/250) User Image (0/250)
-Black (2.5m) User Image (145/500)

My Little Pony
-Princess Luna Companion (4m)
-Princess Celestia Companion (2.9m
-Nightmare Moon Companion (1.575m)
-Queen Chrysalis Companion (850k)

-Princess Luna Fashion (2m)
-Princess Celestia Fashion (990k)
-Rarity Fashion (820k)
-Fluttershy Fashion (770k)
-Applejack Fashion (600k)
-Spike Fashion (600k)
-Pinkie Pie Fashion (575k)
-Twilight Sparkle Fashion (535k)

-Princess Celestia Shirts (880k)
-Rarity Shirts (800k)
-Fluttershy Shirts (800k)
-Pinkie Pie Shirts (800k)
-Rainbow Dash Shirts (700k)
-Applejack Shirts (700k)
-Spike Shirts (300k)

August Birthday Items
-August Birthstone Sash (830k)
-August Birthstone Anklets (400k)

Birthstone Items
-Jan sash (300k)
-Jan anklets (260k)
-Jan necklace (222k)
-Jan cape (85k)

-Feb necklace (300k)
-Feb anklets (208k)
-Feb cape (120k)
-Feb sash (90k)

-Mar anklets (500k)
-Mar sash (445k)
-Mar necklace (100k)
-Mar cape (68k)

-Apr necklace (750k)
-Apr sash (444k)
-Apr anklets (410k)
-Apr cape (70k)

-May sash (1m)
-May anklets (240k)
-May necklac (185k)
-May cape (180k)

-June necklace (370k)
-June sash (280k)
-June anklets (280k
-June sash (80k)

-July sash (370k)
-July necklace (150k)
-July anklets (96k)
-July cape (40k)

-Sep sash (1.5m)
-Sep necklace (250k)
-Sep anklets (180k)
-Sep cape (110k)

-Oct sash (690k)
-Oct anklets (450k)
-Oct cape (350k)
-Oct necklace (175k)

-Nov sash (450k)
-Nov anklets (275k)
-Nov necklace (130k)
-Nov cape (95k)

-Dec sash (425k)
-Dec anklets (200k)
-Dec cape (30k)

Community Member
  • 12/08/13 to 12/01/13 (1)
  • 11/10/13 to 11/03/13 (1)
  • 08/04/13 to 07/28/13 (2)
  • 03/19/06 to 03/12/06 (1)
  • 01/08/06 to 01/01/06 (1)
  • 12/11/05 to 12/04/05 (1)
  • 12/04/05 to 11/27/05 (1)
  • 11/27/05 to 11/20/05 (2)
  • 11/20/05 to 11/13/05 (8)
  • 11/13/05 to 11/06/05 (4)

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