So I'm probably going to sound stoned as a menace, but I promise I'm not. I've just been thinking all about colors today though because I was reading a bit about how mantis shrimps can see all types of colors that people can't. That's crazy to think about, you know? Because we have a lot of colors, but they're all just combinations of red, yellow, and blue, but these shrimps can pick up all types of primary colors that we can't even try to imagine. And like, I've seen things that say stuff like "you can't just imagine a new color," and that's always just made sense to me because its impossible to think of something that's not a combination of the primary colors, but like, it's just kind of blowing my mind tonight, and I just need to write it down somewhere because I've already been talking to my dad about it and I'm still all hyped... like this is me right now burning_eyes , but in a good way. It's amazing that in all the beauty and colors that we have, there's still a lot more out there. Like, if anybody ever genetically engineers special rods and cones for eyes that allow us to see more than just red, yellow, and blue, I'm definitely going to be the first one to sign up for the testing of that s**t. Because it would just be too intense, like gray wouldn't even be a thing anymore, because I feel like gray is the color that we can't perceive, and I'm sorry if I have that wrong, like I'm just 17, so I'm not a genius or anything and I certainly haven't spent a ton of time researching, so if you do know anything, and I'm totally wrong, go ahead and tell me so I can have more knowledge Because colors are cool.