We don't gotta go!
There's still people coming in
Their bringing our medicine
And I Know
You wanna see the scene
Dance underneath the lights
Get lost in between the seems

But let's take a shot for you and me/
To all the possibilities/
To seeing all the city sees/
In all the ways you don't believe/
Let's take a shot for all of us/
To getting numb and being young/
To seeing love and getting ********/

Come take a shot just you and me/
Hold me close and don't get lost/
The musics loud the smokes a screen/
I promise you this will be fun/
Come take a shot just you and me/
Come take a shot with all of us/
Give me a night to set you free/
It won't be long till we're all gone/

Now put my hands where they belong/
Tell me how you want it all/
Play it cool and we'll sneak off/
You're mine now baby/

Bodies Full of Everything/
We won't remember anything/
Tonight they treat you like a king/

I just want make you so happy.