Today I decided to increase my alchemy skills and finally make use of an ancient book of formulas an old mage had given me when I was 7. The blue-leather bound tome had been wedged in my bookshelf between a book on transformation spells and another book on petrification spells.

I grabbed the tome and the dust that blew off it caused me to sneeze 7 times. 7 times thats my lucky number. I just know I'll be super succesfull with my alchemy attempts today.

I wiped the dust and headed to my most favourite blue chair, right by a large window. I lost track of the minutes as I poured over each formula. I knew I wanted to craft something special, but was a little unsure which formula I wanted to craft, as they all looked fun and challenging. I had a pretty good idea of the items I had in storage ( I had just taken inventory of my components the day before) so I selected a formula that I knew I could make. A brand new shirt.

With the formula memorized, I stepped into my supply room, grabbing what I needed. One check, two check, three check. I had all the components I needed.

So then it was a brisk climb up my spiral staircase and into my tower (I think in a later entry I will describe the tower in more detail)

My cauldron started to warm, and I first placed a bag of gold coins into the bottom, waiting for the heat to liquify them. Gold is a powerful catalyst in alchemy, and much to my dismay, is needed for all crafting. Gold is dear since its the only used currency for trading of components for formulas amongst other Mages.

The room was getting uncomfortably warm, due to the heat needed to smelt the gold, so I removed my spiffy blue hat and and blueish black robe. I was alone anyways, so no reason to put on airs with my fabulous attire.

I whistled a little while I waited for the gold to melt, and once it did I slowly added the components, stirring them all together. I knew the formula was working when a blue light emitted from the cauldron. Then a brilliant flash of blue light filled the tower room, and once it was over, a new shirt was sitting in the cauldron. I pulled it out, while chanting a little drying spell on it.

"Eh." I didn't like it. Not my style. So I folded it up. Might as well sell the garment for trade of precious gold coins.

The spirits know, I will need all I can get if I plan on mastering this alchemy skill.

-Signing off, Atori the Mage