Happy to be there, listening to the stories of her day, to the tales of her adventures and to everything she would say. They would talk of their trivial lives and get lost in each others dreams, often clouded by pinkish visions of ideal love and romance. There was companionship as they spoke of small things and big things and as they spoke of philosophical things, about life, about death and about it all. They were together, talking, smiling, laughing and he was right where he wanted to be in the whole wide world. There was no one else he would rather be than with her, listening to her sweet tales, cute mistakes and sad problems.

They were so different yet they often thought alike.

Some things should be simple and some things are. There was no doubt about it anymore, he knew that he loved her with all his heart, mind and soul. He wanted to live a life with her. It didn't matter if it was a happy life or a sad life; a life spent abroad or a life spent at home; it didn't matter if they lived a rich life or poor one; as long as they lived a life together.