Slacking on journal, overwhelmed by life. Also missing a week. Not sure what happened. Probably too much schoolwork and prep for the masquerade ball. It was worth it. It went well.

New guests to the Host Club:
Nautilust -- Nau
Team Sledge Mamma -- Miss Sledge
Fyre Dominic -- Dominic
AngelicHottie126 -- didn't get her name yet

Something very familiar about the Dominic person. Nau is shy, seems to like Mori-sempai. Haven't seen Loki-san in a few days, wonder if the move is eating her life.

Starting to collect names for the spa retreat. Should be peaceful.

Shiny has a secret admirer. Frankly, I'm surprised it's taken this long, and that there's only one. I wonder how patient the cousins are going to be with that ...

Barely saw Tamaki yesterday. He's been so damn busy. I keep things running, but it's not the same without him, much as it pains me to admit it.