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Ursula Anecki

[Age Varies; Teen]

Likes music, singing, and horror films

Ursula was born in Scotland to a proper British politician and a Swedish seamstress, the product of a secret affair. Her father left her and her mother for England the moment he discovered her mother was pregnant. Her mother gave birth to her in Scotland while on tour with a musical theater company, having been hired to sew costumes. Shortly after her birth, her mother was found to be able to sing beautifully and got hired as a singer by the company. Ursula was sent by basket to her father in England, a birth certificate hailing her name as Ursula. Not wanting to own up to his affair, he sent the infant to an orphanage in America.
She was placed into foster care for a while, until she was eleven. At that point, she was adopted by a couple in New York. She lived with them there, in Manhattan, for a while before moving cross-country to Los Angeles, when her adoptive father was offered a job as a music producer at a prominent agency.
[When she was fourteen, she discovered that she could sing very well, and her adoptive father worked to get her a record deal. She was declined, but her "parents" sent to a prominent arts school in Hollywood as a singer. She grew bored staying in one place, and decided to apply to a boarding school in England.]