Three years later after the town had grown over the entire island and more creatures of each race were coming to the island. I stand there and watch over the entirety of the island happy that I was able to do this. I never thought in my entire life I would be happy to be near so many different cultures. One month when i left to go out for a hunting trip with some of the other creatures on the mainland. when we came back I noticed some new faces that were pale to us. I walked up to one of them one day and used my ability to see the truth in their minds from a single touch. I touched the person and I see a flash in my mind of the person being bitten by a vampire. Damn it I think to myself when did one get here and they're turning my friends into vampires one by one. A few days later i tell People that there will be a fireworks display for the young ones on the mainland I select a representive from each race to go with the children. The next day as the boats leave for the mainland I ask the best tracker in the village "Do you think you can track the stench of a true vampire and not recently turned ones my friend?" "I can Shinjitsu I was at one time a thrall I would know that scent anywhere." the tracker replies.
That night I head out and meet up with the tracker. "I have found the vampires lair it is in the home of one of the few who came when came when you were gone the other month." He tells me. I walk up to the house door and knock on it with one hand on my sword and the tracker on the roof across the way with a bow aimed where I was standing he knew that if i drew my sword and moved to the side it was to be his shot. The door opens and I see the red eyes of the vampire staring at me and he realizes who i am and before he can move I twist my wrist and shout "EU" as the power lights up the vampire drops to his knees and shrieks loudly. "See the wrongs of your life the regrets the loved ones you killed and drained. See these images the rest of your enternal life." I speak in my deep voice filled with my truth powers running through my veins. The vampire runs past me into the street and down to the waterfront and unties a boat and heads for the mainland, but as he sails away he screams a curse at me "I curse you to never be happy to always be alone no one will accept a paladin such as you." I know the power of vampires curses, but the only curses are the ones made by lord vampires and this one was no more than a small low powered vampire. I walk to my home and lay down. waiting to see what was to happen next