What changes would Gaia have to make for you to feel comfortable buying GC again?

The changes they'd have to make for me would be.

1. No more gold generating items
2. Better communication (upcoming projects, how we can help them complete certain projects faster, which of our suggestions they are considering using. We want to love and cuddle the staff, seriously we do, so give us some good reasons to do it.)
3. Less in-your-face, sneaky sales tactics (we all already know GC is there, make a calendar with all the sales for the month and we will spend, don't try to trick us into thinking we're getting a good deal and then introduce an even better deal to try and get us to spend more, we know you're doing it so it just makes us mad.)
4. Leave the 03's, 04's, 05's and whatever like that in Flynn's Plunder as gold-sinks for people to bid on, it's better than selling them for 150+ real life dollars in my opinion and there will be less going out into the system. (Putting them there was a good idea in my opinion.)

What changes would Gaia have to make for you to feel comfortable buying GC again?
The end of FB/FC/Gold generators would be a good start....

IX Odysseia IX
What changes would Gaia have to make for you to feel comfortable buying GC again?

1. Stop the gold generators that cause the economy to be out of control.
The Gaia Marketplace formally functioned like a real economy, providing practice and an understanding of money.
Now it acts as a GORGE between those that are Wealthy Gaians and Impoverished Gaians (or new Gaians). This will not encourage new comers to stay.

2. Stop having events revolve around Gaia Cash sales.
Its the Holiday's for crying out loud - everyone should be able to participate and have an equal chance at items without PAYING REAL MONEY

3. Reward users who participate in Forums, play your flash games, and users that have continuously used gaia for YEARS. sHOW US THAT YOU ARE LOYAL TO US AS WE HAVE BEEN TO YOUSo far you've sent the message that you are only valuable to Gaia if you spend cash. If this mentality continues, your site will die because no one will participate. RENTED pixel items are no use to people if no one logs on. I've been a loyal user of Gaia for 6 years... That should count for something.

Darkchild Angel
To answer your question, honestly at this point I'm not sure what Gaia could do to entice me to buy Gaia cash again. My whole reason for buying GC in the first place was because I had faith in Gaia's economy. I understood how the market works, how item releases work, and I had faith in the way Gaia is run. Now, I have no faith. What I spend $150 GC on today could be re-released tomorrow for $99 GC. Or if I buy a GC item in order to sell to save up gold for an item I'm questing, I never know how inflation will affect tomorrow's market.

As it stands right now, spending real dollars on Gaia cash would be idiotic, because I have no faith in the currency of this site (either GC or gaia gold). I guess restoring faith would be the only thing that gaia can do to make me buy again.

Hikari Yuushi
I would say a decrease in GaiaCash Shop prices would be one of my preferred changes. Because shelling out $25-100+ for one single item doesn't seem like I'm getting my money's worth. Personally, for me, I'd say that $50 (or 5000 GCash) might be a good price ceiling, but that's debatable, and the wording might leave too much room for error.

Another method I can think of is a change of incentive. I think I remember a time when I bought 20 or 25 dollars worth of GCash because it was going to a philanthropic cause. In this case, I'd be okay if they did something similar with this, with maybe 10-20% profit with 90-80% going to the charity/cause.

Those are just my thoughts on it though.

Baasu is Haymitch
I agree with the drop in prices, nothing on this site should ever cost more then 50$ real money. As you can not use it anywhere but here. Making it not worth it at all.
I'd like to see them give loyal members what they processed months ago. A real thank you for your loyalty and not some junk that worthless on the marketplace. Maybe send us some free gold or i don't know more pick your own prize games without asking for GC to play.
To get ride of the pop-up ads. Ok you need ads, fine. Not unwanted pop-ups that piss people off. I don't care if it is only on one page. I don't want to deal with it here or anywhere. No pop-ups! Put your ads on the sides or top/bottom of the page. Do not shove it in my face and down my throw. I won't buy it on the count I was annoyed by it.
Run more contests and less buy from Flynn
kill the flying boot/cast woman from hell, she is more trouble to this site then any give problem
Do all that and give us a apology video from your CEO for treading us like piggy banks and maybe I'll buy from here again. But don't hold your breath

I'd like to see gaia become more affordable again..
More fun.
Less of this 'in your face, buy our cash' crap.
What about a new inventory arranger or gaia weddings? are we to see those or will they be cash related as well?
I can imagine the wedding suits and stuff in the cash shop instead of the gold shop -sigh-
Let me think
No more do I want to see flynn...ever >_>;

I would like to see no more of those ads that come up in the screen because they have to get around AdBlock. I put AdBlock up for a reason,

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Apollos Liar
To answer your question: the site needs to be fair again. Right now, the site only panders to people with money. This Halloween event is a perfect example of how they're making things incredibly difficult to people who don't pay and giving out easy access and "cheats" to people who put down cash. They're destroying the value of gold and then turning around and blaming us for it. They have to stop insulting us and balance the site out already. Only then would I even consider the idea of buying it again. They've crossed too many lines for me to invest any time soon.