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Name: Avak the Wanderer
Age: 23
Sex: Male

Appearance: As shown in the picture above. Sometimes wears a long traveling cloak to hide himself, or to keep him dry in the snow and rain.

Personality: Avak is a simple person, that makes complex choices. He is unique because he sees many different possible outcomes for every different action he takes, and gets a thrill from manipulating the future(even if its someone elses). His decisions usually seem cool, cut and dry. Which is true, because he chooses ahead of time what he wants to accomplish. He is only able to do this because of his voices.. They tell him what could, might, and sometimes will happen.

Bio: Avak has never been in one place for too long. He no longer remembers who his parents were, or where he grew up. It seemed a long time ago that he left; following the voices commands. He chooses to move around to area's which have a great amount of conflict, whether its internal or external, and he chooses how to resolve it. Some think he's a meddler, but he sees it as liberation and working to better whats left of civilization.

Avak joined the exorcists to find a way to quiet the voices, and to give him the power to protect those he cares about, and destroy those who are in the way.

Relic: Status 1

Relic Appearance: Necklace
Avaks relic is a steel necklace around his neck, with an exorcism symbol on it. He's had it since childhood.

Renown: xx
Health: 200/200
Control Limit: xx

Skill: 15 []
Strength: 10 []
Defense: 15 []

Demon Slot 1
Demon Slot 2
Demon Slot 3