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Alexi's Art Journal~ [warning: graphic intensive]
Just a little place to showcase the art I get. <Note: Not very updated>
A short rant.
I notice lately that everyone is clamoring for re-releases of this or that, and complaining that an item isn't released simply because they want it for cheaps.

It's getting on my nerves.

Lately, with the re-releases, all I see are selfish posts. When they can benefit from an item, people are all for it and lose sight of the fact that others might suffer because of their need to get an item for less. They don't seem to understand that hey, maybe it took a lot of work to earn up money for the items and perhaps items had more meaning to them than just "collector's items" made just for you. They don't seem to understand that there is value in the system of questing and all the other things that might grant an item. Because to all of you freaks, all you see is the item, not the accomplishment.

Well I'm not standing for it anymore.

God forbid that Gaia takes the time to try to preserve the values for items that Alchemists work their asses off for. God forbid that you actually have to uh...do ALCHEMY for the wings? God forbid that you actually have to quest for an item for years to get it, like the rest of us all had to, and to say that paying $20-$150 is more difficult than earning up hundreds of millions is ridiculous.

Yeah. It's totally hard for me to spend $20 in an instant vs spending years questing. Sure. Your argument makes total sense. (This is an actual argument someone made)

I'm sick and tired of Gaia trying to devalue the work everyone's put into just because they want to make a buck, without even trying to give the original owners compensation. "Even if the value deflates, at least you worked really hard to earn it. Nobody can take that away from you," say the oh so condescending admin and users.

Well yes. They can.

Because apparently, there is a lack of respect these days. "Status" hasn't been removed. Instead, stigma has been placed.

There's this animosity towards people who own more than you or own something you don't. I get it. It's because you don't have it that you want it. I'm all for slow deflation to help those who truly love the items.

But despite the benefits of re-releases, there is NO excuse for not thinking about the other person on the other side of the equation who's losing their value and taking the hit just so you can buy an item for lower. This goes for admin and users alike. And there is absolutely no excuse to start bragging to high heaven about your account worth when you simply shelled out real money for it on the cheap because Gaia's pricing is ridiculous.

Have some god damn compassion. You expect compassion from those who already have the items when you complain about how the items are too rare and how you don't have them. Have the common ******** decency to give some compassion back.

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    Seems like this happens with a lot of game things lately, where they become so successful because of certain things and then once they have all these people the business side takes over and they start ruining everything they created over a period of years for many people for a quick profits.


    comment topatoking · Community Member · Tue Nov 05, 2013 @ 03:16pm
    And when people complain about re-releases, they get labeled elitist. Regardless of the reasoning for their dislike of re-releases.

    Personally, I don't like re-releases because I don't WANT the quest to be easier to me. Bigger challenges are far more rewarding. Gaia takes that away with their re-releases.

    Meh. Whatever.

    Keep Moving Forward!
    - Lewis "Cornelius" Robinson

    Sell me Easy-A Pins. emotion_dowant
    comment King Awesomolocity · Community Member · Sat Nov 16, 2013 @ 10:34pm
    User Comments: [2]

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