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Angel - Master - Dark Romance

Many do not know that there is actually three types of angels. The angels that serve the heavens, the fallen angels, and the elemental angels. The first two are heard of often, but not many know of the elemental angels. These angels are hand crafted to fit one element. They are able to control the element they are created from and often resemble their element through their features. Because the world is so massive, four elemental angels are created to work together and keep the balance of nature in large sections. Though there are several sections of angels, the elementals are still rarest of all the angels. Many who know of them have taken up on collecting them, or just collecting one of their favorite element. These angels are worth a pretty price, though, because, not only are they rare, but they are also the hardest to catch due to their powers.

However, just a few days ago, a section of elemental angels had been caught off guard. The hunters had managed to find the secret meeting place that all four angels gathered for discussion once a week. They ambushed the angels. Two escaped, and two were captured. It seemed they captured the earth and water angel, by looking at them.

Talise sat in a cold steel cage, which was being carried by a few bulky men. The water angel looked terrified. "Where is Avani?" She asked, probably for the tenth time. She was asking of the earth angel, who was her best friend. The last two days they had been in the same cage during travel. This morning they had taken Avani from her and put her in her own cage, carrying her off in a complete opposite direction. The first time she managed to calmly ask where Avani had been taken, one of them men had simply said 'to her new owner'. That answer did nothing to satisfy Talise. She wanted to know exactly where Avani was.

Though, there was no hope in her escaping to make it to Avani. Both of them had tried the last few days to get away from the hunters. To no avail, of course. When the hunters had first captured the angels they had quickly slapped a strange metal bracelet on each of their wrists. After they had taken the time to examine the bracelets, the angels realized the strange symbols were meant to block them from using any of their magic. And so it did then, and still was blocking Talise from her magic now. Of course the two angels had tried to pull the bracelets off, but that just made it tighten until it was cutting their skin. So, they had left the bracelets alone. The only thing they had had left to flee with was their wings. However, each angel had been held down while their wings were clipped up to the middle of their back just the night before. That left the angels with only the help and protection from each other. Now Avani had been taken from her, too.

The bulky men opened a door, hauling Talise into the room. They set the cage down, not so gently, and headed straight back out the door. As the door clicked shut, leaving her all alone, she set up on her knees and moved to the edge of the cage. The fingers of each hand curled around two of the cold bars keeping her from freedom. From what she could tell, this room was either a large study or some kind of sitting room for one to relax in.

The sound of the door opening brought Talise's attention back to the door, where a man entered with eyes fixed on her.