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Panther Princess - Betrothed Other - Romance

Luna laid on the rock cliff which over looked her castle - or, more correctly said, her fathers kingdom; the panther kingdom.

Her father was a good king and always did what was best for his kingdom and his people. Luna had always admired that trait of her father, until last night... Last night she was informed of her new betrothal to a neighboring prince in order to keep peace. Immediately she resisted and the two of them began to argue. She had stormed off in such a hurry that the she didn't hear who he was, what race, how old or anything. In fact, the only details she knew was that this morning, in just a few hours, the prince would arrive and be staying here at the castle for the next two or three months, until her damn wedding day!

A huffed growl escaped Luna as her golden eyes glanced up to the rising sun. She had been sitting in this one spot all night long, and now she needed to return to the castle to meet him.

Rising to her four paws Luna turned and headed into the dark forest, making her way silently but swiftly to the castle. She swept through the gardens and around to her balcony, where she easily scaled the castle till she stepped onto her balcony.

Now she was in her human form, pulling her black robe on...

A few hours later Luna was dressed in a dark blue velvet dress and presentable, the top layers of her hair pulled back and the length of it laying down her back. Walking into her fathers throne room she spoke, "Father." Her chin was held high giving no doubt how determined she was to get out of this marriage.Then she seen him standing beside her father's throne...