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Elf - Other - Romance

The carriage traveled at a nice pace down the road, a young elf girl named Ariana bound inside. Ariana wasn't sure how she had come to be in the carriage, the last thing she remembered being from that morning when she sat a tree reading, and now all she knew was that she was being given to someone. A prince perhaps, or a duke. A person of royalty and high status she knew for sure. No names had been given to her, and she cared not to hear any. But, then, they hadn't even told her why she was being given as some kind of gift. Wondering about that fact irritated her some, but the only thing really on her mind was how to escape. Despite what her appearance might suggest, Ariana was spirited, hot tempered and very stubborn. As far as she thought no one had any right to just take her freedom away and hand her to someone like a possession, and she was going to make sure they realized that.

Against her best tries, the cuffs which bound her wrists were not budging. Adriana realized she could use magic, and had even tried, but a charm which was engraved into the cuffs were to strong for her to break. With her hands bound in front of her, Adriana had even taken one of the thin clips from her hair and tried to pick the lock. That, too, was a failure. Now she realized why they didn't have anyone inside the couch watching her, the door being locked from the outside as well.

The carriage began to slow and Adriana could feel her aggravation growing very rapidly. There was no windows for her to look out, so she was unsure of whether they had reached the destination or not. For all she knew their could be trouble outside, some hold up, or maybe they were just stopping to rest. Adriana didn't really care which one of those options it was, she was just wishing she was still under her tree reading.

[[Please be dominate; no pansies. And your race can be whatever, but I would prefer you not be human.]]