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Half Demon-Human - Demon/Vampire - Romance

The Lord Riley did not know her name, if she had even been given a name, who her parents were, or how the strange newborn had come to arrive at his home. None the less, his kind heart would not allow him to send her to a village, so he took her in to raise her as he would his own child.

With the help of the nurse maid he had hired for the child, Lord Riley named the little girl Lillith Levana Riley.

As time when by all fears The Lord had had to begin with, knowing from the child's appearance that she was in fact not human, were quickly banished. Levana, as they had grown to call her, was the child every parent dreamed of; obedient, well mannered, and just as charming as one could get. Of course Levana had no reason to act up for she was given everything a child could be given, even when she didn't ask for anything.

More time went by and Levana became of marrying age, sixteen to be exact, and Lord Riley was unsure of what to do. Like any Lord, he needed an heir. Like any parent, he didn't want to let go of his beloved angel. The worst of it all was that no one knew of Levana; Lord Riley had kept her a secret so no one would panic or try and kill her for being, as he had come to assume, half demon and half human.

That spring Lord Riley decided to take Levana into the market with him. They both knew it was a bad idea and neither was sure why they had followed through with it, because, as expected, everything went chaotic. Immediantely they returned home, each of them tossing the idea of Levana ever being able to live like a normal human out of possibility. And with that possibility destroyed, The Lord knew of only one thing left to do, the same thing which the king later ordered.

Within a days time Levana's thing were packed and she was put in a carriage. Levana had not wanted to go, not at all, but they had made her. And though she has half the power of a regular demon, she wouldn't dare do such a thing, especially not to the one she called father...

Levana pulled her knees up to her chest, letting her skirt hide her legs and the unusual white tone of her skin. Her father was sending her away by order of the king. That truth she might of been able to handle if she was going somewhere she was use to, somewhere familiar, but that wasn't the case.

On the outskirts of Delwin stood a tall castle that seemed to loom over the forest. In it was the same one who had occupied it for centuries. No one was sure what race the man was, though it had been narrowed down to a demon like Levana or a vampire. The people never forgot his presence even though he never bothered the people of Delwin. Strangers and villagers in the woods around him were said not to be as lucky, but that was not a confirmed truth. Either way, Levana found herself being sent there. Not as a guest or equal person, but as a gift and peace offering. In fact, Levana was not the first to young lady to be sent to him, or others, to try and avoid an attack on Delwin. What happened to any of the young girls was never found out, though everyone expected they didn't last to long. "That is the best thing about Levana." Levana recalled the kings voice and the words he had spoke. "She is half of he and will most likely be able to withstand him, unlike our human girls which cower away and break so easily. Besides, we need the human girls in Delwin." And since Levana was thought to be so fitting and pleasing for the situation, the king had even wrote in advance to tell [Your Name Here] of what a peace offering gift he was sending to him.

The sudden halt of the carriage tossing her forward brought Levana from her thoughts just in time to put her feet back on the floor to keep falling. Taking a deep breath, she let her violet eyes travel past the window and to the dark castle which she had heard so much about. Denying her heart the need to rapidly speed up and beat out of control, she watched the door open with calm eyes. The guard reached in before she could even attempt to step out of the carriage and grabbed her roughly by the arm, jerking her out and slamming the small door. Levana used the hand of her free arm to hold tightly to her skirts, for fear that she might reach out and strangle the oaf holding onto her, as he pulled her up the steps and knocked hesitantly on the door. Unlike Levana, the nervousness the guard felt was being portrayed quiet clearly on his features, though she wasn't sure why since he was the one that had escorted all of the recent 'gifts'.

As the moments passed a look of annoyance started to play across Levana's face, directed at the guard and his increasingly tight grip. Trying to ignore it, she simply gritted her teeth as she listened for a sound to come from inside. Another few moments and the his grip was enough to leave bruises, if she was human, and she could no longer take it. "Let go of me, please-" Levana gritted out, jerking her arm easily from the guard as the door quietly swung open and she moved her eyes to see who had opened it. "Why you little wench." The guard muttered under her breath, not having noticed that someone was in the doorway, grabbing her arm in the same manner as before while raising his other hand with intentions of smacking her across the face just as he moved his eyes to see the door had been answered. He froze then, likely scared stiff, unsure of what to do.