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Shadow Demoness - Demon/Vampire/Demon Hunter - Master-Slave Romance

Two days before.
Nevaeh stood frozen in the middle of the village, her solid gray eyes taking in the scene. Flames lashed up around her, screams echoed in her ears, but the snow-skinned demoness remained frozen. Something was wrong, and she wasn't talking about the battle playing out in font of her. No, what she was talking about was the fact that she was unable to move. The fact that she was frozen in place by some unknown source that wouldn't even let her control shadows. She watched helplessly as the humans that had raised her - the ones that had cared for when she had been abandoned as a child, the ones that had loved her even though she wasn't human - were killed quickly, and very easily due to how fragile they were compared to the demons attacking. Despite her need to look away, she couldn't even do that. In fact, she couldn't even blink. If that wasn't enough torture for Nevaeh, the fact that she knew this was all her fault was. If she had just left the village once she had grown enough to take care of herself this wouldn't be happening. Ever since she was little she had known she was a rare race, had known there was no hiding and that she would never be able to stay in one place for long. Still, she had stayed, leaving her selfishness to be the cause of the destruction of the village and its people. Within the next few moments Nevaeh watched with silent horror as who she considered to be her mother, the young, beautiful priestess of the village, collapsed with exhaustion in front of her. Unfortunately, Nevaeh was still being held in place by an unknown source, unable to move to her mothers side and defend her, but neither could she look away as a burly demon drove a sword through the priestess's back.

That had been the breaking point for the eighteen year old. That had been when she finally let darkness overcome her, her body falling lightly to the ground as the image of her mother haunted her mind, her mother's last, piercing scream replaying with the image.

The present.
Finally the darkness that had consumed Nevaeh began to lift, the rising sun shining through an open window to let its rays wash over her face. For just a moment she had forgotten about the horrible incident at the village. That was until her eyes fluttered open and was filled with scene of an extravagant bedroom, then everything came flooding back to her. Hurriedly she pushed herself up, hoping that her current situation was a dream and that she would wake to her mother making tea like she did every morning. But, as she came to a full sitting position and tried to bring her hands up to brush away her hair waist length, snow white hair, she realized that wasn't so. Around her wrist was a shackle, with a very short chain, that was attached to the bed. With a confused look Nevaeh jerked her wrist forward expecting the chain to snap easily with her strength, only to find that her action didn't even phase the chain. "How strange," she whispered, pulling at her wrist again though it still didn't phase the shackle. Placing her other hand at the base of the chain she jerked harder, and that was when she noticed the inscription on the part around her wrist. "Hell," she cursed lightly, recognizing the symbol. Though she still looked like her normal demoness self, the symbol blocked all of demon abilities.

Nevaeh gave an aggravated sigh, hating the fact that she had no idea where she was at or who was holding her. Though she already had an idea as to why someone was keeping her; shadow demons were exceptionally rare, and very powerful as well. So the real question was if someone was planning on using her for some type of revenge, a power hungry plan, or if they were keeping her simply because they wanted her for how rare she was.

The sound of footsteps approaching brought Nevaeh out of her train of thought, her eyes lifting to the door as it began to open...

[[Be dominate, evil, twisted, cruel, and all those things. Though your character should grow some kind of a soft spot and liking to her; this is a romance after all. Also, you can be human if you like, but I wouldn't suggest it. My attention is hard to hold when taking that risk.]]