Limboland is beginning to change a little. I want art of it so badly but I'm so scared to put down details about them. I don't want to request things from terrible artists either. I'm scared that so much of them is changing that I won't need this art later. Why do I want art of them in the first place, to inspire me? I hope so.


It has changed in the Duality's appearance is changing and her abilities. A friend critiqued me a long time ago that she was a heroine you couldn't root for because she was powerless. I liked that about her but it does make sense if she had some sort of special power due to her linkage back to her body. This would make her dangerous to the witches and thus, more the reason why they need to be careful around her. They also want her because if they can impersonate her, using magic, they believe they can enter her body instead of her. So imagine Souran from LOTR needing a body and only the wearer of the ring can give it to him. They need a strong soul so testing her would also make sense.

/ sigh sigh

But in this case it means that Justice's story involvement is much smaller. She becomes a side character the teaches Duality to use her blade. UUUUUUUGH and not I need a blade design for Duality, who also needs a new name. No one really wants to read about a girl who's name is Duality. I need a name that has two meanings. Anyone got any? Help? Everyone else has got a good name.