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Read or Die
It might surprise you. You will never know what I might put in it.
Brand New RP Journal
Before I start talking about my RP Cravings -- Fandoms – Pairings – Ideas – and whatever else, I have some rules.

Currenting Being Updated

1.) Don’t plan a RP with me, and then just leave. It’s a big waste of my time and yours.
2.) Don’t get through the planning process of our RP only to ignore my messages when it’s time to start. (The same as #1, but I felt like I had to put it on this list again.)
3.) Don’t say you want a long term RP, then disappear after the first post. If you are gone for a while let me know and I will try to do the same. (Sometimes I have a habit of forgetting to post or my PMs get lost on the way to your inbox. Please, please, please let me know if you are still waiting for a response and I will respond in a timely matter.)
4.) If I have something listed as something I will not do, don’t request it. It’s on my ‘Do Not Want’ List for a reason. (Also if you offer me a RP that’s pretty much the same thing as what I don’t want I will remind you again that I don’t want it.)
5.) Don’t be afraid to tell me one of your plots if you have one.
6.) I wanted to put this in more than one place, so you will see this again. Do not ask me for any RP dealing with Yuri, Yaoi, or Incest. I know I just lost a lot of potential RPers with that, but it’s just not something I want to do.
7.) If the RP requires that you play a certain character at least have a character picture or type a description that matches the part. (I do not want to see someone playing a soldier that looks like he might be fifteen and extremely fragile.)
8.) If you are the kind of person that says they don’t like any of my ideas, but when I ask you what do you want to do or what kind of ideas do you have and you say: Ex. “I don’t know.” Or “I don’t have any.” Don’t Pm me. I’ve dealt with this waaaay too many times.
9.) Don’t take one of my ideas and change it to a point that it has become your idea. If you are going to do this, then tell me about your plot rather than messing over mine.
10.) No god mode, no auto hit, no being a puppetry. This one is self explanatory.
11.) If I’m not comfortable with something and I tell that I’m not and don’t want to do the RP anymore respect my choice and I will do the same for you.
12.) I do not play canon characters to a series so don't ask.
NEW! 13.) Don't tell me you want to plan a RP just to cover for what you really want to do. I'm gonna be as vague about this as possible. Just ask me what this rule means.
NEW! 14.) I know I have a happen forgetting about the RPs in which is why I said to remind me if I haven't posted in a while. But please don't tell me you are gonna post after I asked you about, post one time, then vanish for about a week. If you are gonna post once a week and not say anything then please have me waiting for a post that's never gonna come.

[Breaking this rules will get your Black Listed: #1 - #2 - #3 - # 4 - #8 - #10 - #11]

~+~+~+~RPs I Do Not Want: ~+~+~+~
Yaoi related Rps
Yuri related Rps
Incest related Rps
Rps that revolve around "four legged" animals or animals that talk and have powers. And have them as main characters.
Extremely large Age Gaps.
Harry Potter (Never been in the mood for this type of RP, but maybe I will one day.)

-+-+-+-+-+- RP Cravings -+-+-+-+-+-

Orc Related Plot [This one could have different pairings.]
Gargoyle Related RP
Anthro Character Related Plot

-+-+-+-+-+- Fandoms -+-+-+-+-+-
[Here are a list of RP Cravings I have]
[No OCs are required.]

Sun-Ken-Rock [Ongoing Manga]
Lives [Incomplete Manga]
Corpse Princess [Anime/Manga]
Sekirei [Anime/Manga]
Sleeping Dogs (Video Game)
Dragon Ball Z (Not in the mood for this one.)
One Piece
Batman Beyond
More to come...

-+-+-+-+-+- Ideas -+-+-+-+-+-
[Here are a list of RP ideas]

[Project Chimera]
(Anime or Real Model pictures (Models preferred for this RP, but anime is okay) If you have questions about this idea I will be glad to answer them.)
The United States was in the middle of a massive war, but the outlook was grim. Billions of dollars were being spent on research and development back home, but most of it was coming up fruitless. Then one project, codenamed Chimera, came out with surprising results. The project was listed under biological weapons, and most had pegged it as a failure from the start, but the project proved to be an unexpected success. Biologists had successfully grafted the DNA of a lion to the DNA of a live rat. The poor creature became incredibly dangerous and had to be put down. Working in secret to ignore all the red tape, the military forged directly ahead on to human experimentation, taking willing recruits from their ranks, coincidentally all males. The experiments proved successful in most cases, and with the help of these new "super soldiers," America was able to win the war. However, after the war the soldiers that volunteered found out that the experiments done to them were irreversible and left them unable to reproduce. Around this time, many of the super soldiers defected, resulting in a large, publicly denied conflict. Most of the soldiers were able to escape and remain outside of government notice. A few months later, there was another revelation: a few special humans could still have children with the super soldiers. The government is now tracking these human women and the super soldiers, both to protect the public and to cover their own trail.

The Dragon Quest
Coming Soon...

The Wolf and Red
Coming Soon...

Coming Soon...

Coming Soon...

Out in the Light
Coming Soon...

Tokyo Majin
Coming Soon...

Along Came a Spider
Coming Soon...

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  • [11/02/13 12:30pm]

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    Lusty And Romancy
    Community Member

    Fri Jun 20, 2014 @ 07:08pm

    So what do you think about furries/scalies and or anthro machines?

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