The Ruby Beauty's crew:

10 Men, 1 Plane, 1 Objective: Stop the Axis Powers

The ten men who made up the crew of a B-17 Flying Fortress were each specially trained for their position. Most were unaware of the death and destruction they would soon be facing as they flew their Fortresses into combat. The following pages have a short summary of each of the crew positions and duties. What is not written is the feeling of fear that engulfed these men in combat, as childhood was forgotten and the reality of war was revealed. It does not reflect the horror that reached out at these men as their aircraft was suddenly stricken five miles above the earth. It does not detail the heartache of watching a buddy's aircraft slowly roll over and begin its final plunge to the enemy soil below. Nor can it describe the physical strain of using oxygen in an unpressurized aircraft at an altitude where the temperature dropped to -60 degrees. These men were not superhuman. Most were only in their late teens or early twenties. Many would be reported missing after only a few missions, while others might survive only to be killed on their final mission. They were all living at a time in our history when they had an impotant job to do and many died accomplishing it.

This is not meant to be any kind of insult or anything like that. Please remember and thank the men and women who fought bravely in their Fortresses to stop the Axis and save Europe. These are fictional people who are for JKMM and are not real in anyway.

Pilot: Casey Adams Age: 20
He's a small country boy from Kentucky, who lived in a family of three with his father, mother, and younger sister. He's an outgoing kid who had his eyes set on being in the Airforce straight out of highschool. Which he's no achieved as he's the lead pilot of a Fortress. He takes command of the plane and flies it as he's been trained to. He's the closest to the personification, Emil J. Boeing and is the usual mastermind when they all play pranks on him or jokes. Despite his playful nature, he's mature for his age and does the best job he can.

Co-Pilot: Billy Davis Age: 19
The second in command and incharge of the crew and the back up pilot. Originally Fortresses were not required to have two pilots as it was not needed. However, the Army changed this and made it mandatory due to the multiple engines. Billy is from Louisiana and seems to be one of the louder more rambunctious boys. He's known as the instigator of all pranks and seems to love pushing Emil's buttons. Of course he's good at his job, but he's less expirenced than the others. Despite this lack of expirence he's very good at leading the others with Casey.

Flight Engineer: James Rogers Age: 21
He's the engineer and has the most knowledge of the inner workings of the B-17 out of the whole crew. A small town boy from the state of Washington, his dad works for Boeing and was the reason James got into the army and became part of the crew. He's the most mature one and usually strays fromparticipating in the pranks. Every once in a while though, he'll participate.

Left Waist Gunner: Charles Richards Age: 18