I think I remember having a voice at one time. Now, I don't make any impressions on anything or anyone, because of my own antisocial moods lately. All I do is stay silent and keep to myself, and I do my own thing, just me, myself, and I. I think at one point, there were people on Earth that would notice if I stopped existing, and I think at one point I cared. I go for walks, and I walk for miles and miles, listening to music, and I fall into a trance, and hours of my life go by, and I don't even notice. I walk for hours, for miles, and the entire time I'm in a hazy trance that I'll forget tomorrow. Nothing counts, nothing is paying off in my life, and lately, I've become a total loner, because I've decided I'm okay with that. I still talk to my friends, every day. I talk to my family as much as usual, but these people are all ghosts in my hazy life. I'll forget what I did today, because I do the same thing every day, all the same colored paint is smeared all over the canvas indistinctly, and I couldn't really care less. I feel dead. if I was dead, I wouldn't even care. I've got nothing to live for, and I've got no dreams anymore. I have no hopes. There's nothing I want in life, not anymore, anyway. If I were to die, that would be okay.