For a second there I was blinded
My neck was itching and my muscles were numb
Suddenly my vision cleared
In front of me was this grooviest of gals

I wanted a name but she back away
Started to dance all around the air
I felt my legs spasm to the-
Rhythmic music that suddenly played

I got shaky, shaky, jumped up and smiled
The woman eye's eyed at mine
She moved with me in perfect sync
We were maestros of the dancing beat

I wondered to myself "What was this all about?
Never seen a woman dance happily without a doubt"
She turned to me and grasped my hand
Dancing more through the night's life

Seeing creatures appear in the shadows
Cheering and praising, such a lively crowd
This woman has yet to say a word but,
Deep down inside me it wasn't at all absurd

Then that jubilant arena of fun turned to
Horror and aghast we were on the run
Nonetheless we kept on dancing;
Running, dancing, we were on the move

I closed my eyes for just a second then,
All of sudden we were all alone
Underneath this lonesome lunar tree
A kiss to end the night was all I need