The country of Hyter; a peaceful land where a large winding lake of gently flowing water slowly winds around the green hills like a large curvy rainbow. The sun often shining off of it and making it glimmer at it's touch. The villagers all lived within the clouds way up high, looking down upon the green lands of Hyter. They smiled happily at their peaceful land and often watched the curving river flow gently across the landscape. The country of Hyter was ruled by a small collection of people who called themselves "The Crimantis". The small group of people were chosen as to best ensure the survival of the people whom resided within Hyter, and to also keep it's peace.

Those who did live within these peaceful lands, including The Crimantis, were all beautiful angels. That's how they managed to live on the fluffy - sometimes grey and gloomy, clouds. They made their homes out of their stray feathers and by moulding the clouds themselves. They all lived in a society of matriarchy, The Crimantis is thus made up of mostly women, and the elder female angels are usually the ones with most authority in their homes. An unseen and peculiar kind of system to what you and I may be used too. But that is how they had evolved there, as tradition and their culture. Male angel's weren't oppressed of course, they simply had less authority over the land. Hyter was peaceful and fairly ruled after all.

There was one angel, a small little boy, his wings pure white and silky soft. He was 12 at the time, and his name was Akash. "Akash" means "Sky" in English for those whom do not know. Today was actually his blossoming day, which was the date marking his birth, and also the day he would finally start to grow his adult wings. Akash was very happy and woke up to another sunny day up on his little white fluffy cloud. He sat up and saw his little sister cooking him his favourite breakfast, which happened to be eggs with caviar and sliced banana in vanilla yogurt on the side. He rushed to her and kissed her cheek happily. She giggled and ruffled his blonde hair.
"You're welcome Akash." She said.
"I love you sis!" He replied happily and went to sit at the cloud table.

His little sister's name was Suzume, she had short wavy red hair that stopped at her shoulders. Her eyes were periwinkle purple and had a gentle, welcoming aura about them. Also, just like every other villager, she wore white. She then finished up her cooking and handed it to Akash, who quickly thanked her again for the meal and began to eat. He smiled happily and hummed as he chomped away at his breakfast.
"…Happy blossoming day, Akash." She said.
"Thanks Suzume!" He replied happily.
Suzume was around 7 years old, her pure white silky wings were still small and cutely plump. Female angel's didn't start to grow their adult wings until they reached 18, and for males it was usually 10. Akash was a two year late bloomer however with his adult wings, but that wasn't dangerous or anything. So nobody really took too much notice or made a huge hassle about it.

"Where's mom?" Asked Akash.
"Tending the fields below again, she got called in early." Suzume replied.
"Aww… Not again…" He whined.
"Now now, you know how important it is to tend to the fields." She lectured him, as if she was older than him.
"Haha, now you sound like dad." He stated, smirking.
Suzume simply laughed and hugged him, he hugged her back as they rubbed their cheeks together happily.