The Darkness, Rping Journal, pt1 This Entry is as I m playing the game, I havent beat it or know whats the back story or nothing, again Im just sorta fill in the blanks of what he may be thinking or so,

My birthday is tomorrow, Im ******** 21 finally, woop de ******** doo. The cocksucker of Paulie wanted to go collect some money with some of the guys on that day, I cant stand that leech sometimes, but his the boss, For the time been, I m gonna go to the strip joint with the guys first, Ey is my ******** birthday after all, I m entitle to some fun after all.

At the club I got to see one of the girls work the pole, like she was born to do it, She was like one of them damn cirque du solei stuff with the her legs in the air, Of course I got a little extra fun on the side wiht a private lapdace courtesy of Nino, This is obviously so they do their thing while Im busy.

The girl knew of me it seems I got a reputacion now, After some fun adn extra shoots of tequila she is loosen those lips and planting them on mine, The best ******** birthday present a stripper already sucking my face,

The party continues later on in another joint this time the one we have to collect, tempers flare after we try to collect and the bouncer trys to get wise with Mikey, Nino however been the ******** loose cannon made the whole thing escalte and I step in ,
the ******** never saw me coming but It ended bad and I had to step in yet again between mikey and the collection, ******** cocksocker got the cops involved, and the damn bouncer wanted a round 2, So it happen I made the p***k regret who he rose his hand against, but then theh other SOB bouncer got the drop on me and I kiss the concrete, We blew it and then I pass out on the car, Long partying night I guess we gotta tell Paulie,

******** Uncle Paulie, I cant see eye to eye with this b*****d, He is taking bussines into some darkplace, It aint good for everyone...wish someone would of just ******** cap him already. Have the way things were before this leech took over the operation.

-game time-

I woke up on the back seat of Mikey`s car, Paulie collection was a bust, were screwed, Mikey decides to go for the other contract Paulie put us to work yeah, 2 jobs on my ******** birthday, Guy is a cocksucker. Im ******** waking up and mikey and nino are going on about the new plan, Alright were gonna wack the foreman,

The ******** is with this ******** cops, Mikey is driving like a ******** Mad man, Jesus,

THe ********! This cops are suppose to be on our payroll why the ******** are they shooting us, They keep coming straight for us thanks ot mikey Crazy driving...

OH s**t NINO! ******** his dead, ******** this s**t! Re load, were almost at the construction site and this cops are on our tail,

Mikey now is a good time to drive like a mad man, They shooting at us, this assholes at the construction are shooting us too? what the ******** is this s**t?

This cant be a set up? do we have a mole, Its gotta be ******** Nino he was erractic at the pay up,
Got one of the cocksucking bastards of the construction, he aint gonna be pretty anymore. Ooooh SHIIIIITTT!!!- car goes flying-

I may of have died here for the first time or just lost conciousness, My arms hurt from my shoulder down, I smell the concrete and I can hear Mikey moaning, I stand up check myself, other than my wrist and left hand being sore, Im alright, go on the other side help Mikey out, Crist his bone is poping out of his leg, And the mash up car is probably total, upside down and flames coming out, no more shooting thouh guess we lost em.

I talk to him for a moment before he collapses, dont know if his dead or not, but he got me his 2 pieces to finish the job Paulie gave us, RIP if youre dead, This are some nice guns,
They never saw me coming, drop their asses quick and clean,

The ********? did I hear someone calling me? The drop from the car crash may of given me a concussion or some s**t...maybe I should see a doc once this whole s**t is over,

-- cut scene from Paulie`s present--
The ******** is Paulie doing on the TV, Its it the news, what the ******** is this s**t? its a recording ? Oooh yeah keep talking ********, Soon I ll have your head on a platter, that be a nice bday present, closet?
******** ! get out ******** Im flyng out of here, s**t s**t s**t, its hot,

my ears are ringing my head bounced on the floor 2 times tonight, I been shot at, ******** this birthday, Now Paulie and the others think I may of be dead....No they saw me, ******** they shooting again

That ******** voice again...The ******** is up wiht my head, My ears stop ringing

******** s**t Aint dying on this cementery on my bday, you Paulie`s bitches are in for it,

-- cementery cut -

There is gotta be a way out of here, blocking my path by a car, I went down the path to a bathroom, a hobo used the place as his home, smell like drunken piss everywhere, dude seem alright, Scare I may shoot him, He wasnt a crazy hobo like the ones I seen on main, ******** knew his " home" was a pissin parlor, Atleast he gave me good info on how to getout of here,

-- so far this is as far as I gotten in the game, for now--