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"The Evil Within."

The sun rised up slowly over Gotham, shining now over the lost city that had evil in it.
Diana and Brendan was laying next to each other after a night of hot and steamy fun, Diana was smiling and they were both cuddling with each other. "Man, I've never had that much entertainment in my life." Brendan chuckled. "Are you going to do anything today?..Work?.." Diana asked and looked up at him. "Or are you going to stay in bed with me all day long?" She smirked and winked at him.
"Well, first of all, I am gonna take a shower, if that's okay with you, you wanna join?" Brendan winked back at her and sat up. "Nah, I think I'll do bed, My stomach can't really take the whole 'entertainment' as much now, pregnant and all." Diana said standing up and putting on some underwear, she got on a long black dress with white sequins around the V-collar and long sleeves.
"Okay, well, I am heading into the shower." Brendan said standing up aswell and heading for the bathroom and closed the door behind him, Diana sat down and brushed her medium-long dark brown hair and painted her lips dark red, she then got over to the bed, sighing to herself.

In a old dusty apartment, was Thomas Elliot cutting up a man's face, sewing and stitching stuff together, he was minding his own business when suddenly a dark raspy manly voice was heard inside his skull. "Thomas Elliot." it said, he stood up quickly as he grabbed the scalpel and looked around. "Who'se there?!" he shouted out and kept looking around.
"Don't be alarmed, I am not where you are, I am where it's soft and warm." the voice said, Thomas moved a bit forward. "What do you want?..." Hush said.
"I am here to give you an offer, something you can't turn down, by taking down the one and only Batman."
"I am listening.."
"The reward is simple, to see him break, isn't that what you want?..and I know that you know who Batman is under that mask." the voice chuckled a bit.
"I don't work with anyone, only with myself, and how can I trust you?"
"You are going to work with me since I know how to break him, and you can't turn this down, all that bottled up rage and obsession you have with your long time...friend, it hurts, doesn't it?..You want so much revenge, to see him shriek and scream for mercy, I know you dream about it, it must be agony." the voice laughed slightly.
"Fine...what do I have to do?.." Thomas said and looked up slightly and released the scalpel.

Back at Diana's apartment.
Brendan got out from the shower and got dressed, he then got into the bedroom, seeing Diana sitting on her bed. "Ohh..Woh.." Diana said and felt a bit dizzy. "Diana, are you okay?.." he said as he said next to her. "Yeah, I am fine, just feeling a bit woozy, that's all, I think it's the baby saying hello or something." she smiled. "Help me up." Diana said and stood up, Brendan helped her up. "Are you going somewhere?"
"Yeah, I have to meet Batman and Zatanna, I have to play as bait today with the big demon that is roaming around in Gotham." Diana said and smiled a bit weakly, she sure was not looking forward to it.
"They are gonna put you as a bait?..No, they can't, it'll kill you!..." Brendan got upset.
"I can heal, remember?..Besides, I know how I can take care of myself, it'll be fine." Diana said and rubbed her forehead.
"No, you can't, please!..It'll kill you!.." Brendan yelled, Diana pushed him into the wall and looked down on him. "What the hell is the matter with you? I said I will be fine!..Now trust me!" Diana yelled. "I have to do this for our baby, so we can have a better future together, or maybe you don't care about that anymore?.." Diana said and turned around, facing the window.
"Don't be ridicoulus, I'd do anything for our baby, and for you." Brendan said and stood up, Diana smirked a bit and then turned around. "Oh wow, Are my hormones out of whack or what? Hello, crazy pregnant lady, aisle nine!" she laughed and sighed to herself. "Look, just..don't be scared, It'll be fine, just go home and I'll see you later, okay?"
Brendan nodded a bit and left Diana's apartment.
Hours went by as the day came to it's end, the moon was now rising as Diana's cellphone began to rang, she picked it up. "Hello?"
"Yeah, it's me Zatanna, are you ready?..Meet us at the old Meat Factory." Zatanna said and hung up, Diana nodded and went out, the sky was clear, stars were looking down on Diana that was heading for the old meat factory, she saw Zatanna and got up to her. "So where is Batman?" Diana said and looked around, Batman just then landed next to Diana. "Okay, we're all here, now, my source tells me that it's here the demon has it's resting place, or lair that is, we'll just have to trick him and paralyze him with this." Zatanna said and grabbed out a dark purple rock that was slightly glowing. "What will it do?" Diana asked. "It will paralyze him, it's kinda like a smoke bomb, but better, then Batman will come behind him and stab him with this." She grabbed out the rock dagger that Diana catched a glimpse at before. "This dagger was mined out centuries ago by a cult, they called it The Dagger of Might, it could kill any strong demons and dragons that was torturing their village, I am pretty sure it will kill this demon." Zatanna said and handed the dagger over to Batman. "Let's do this."
Batman climbed up on the roof of the factory, Diana opened the door into the meat factory as Zatanna also sneaked in, hiding behind a few crates, Diana had the purple rock in her hand as she looked around, the meat factory had hooks hanging from the walls and old furnaces that wasn't working anymore, Diana then could hear big thumping sounds coming her way as she saw the big demon stand infront of her, the demon then threw a hand at her that sent Diana flying and dropping the rock to the ground, a smoke emitted out from the rock but didn't paralyze the big beast, Zatanna then sent fire bolts against him, he roared and got even more angry, he picked a canister up and threw it at Zatanna, she dodged as the demon picked her up. "I'll crush your pathetic meat sack of a body." the demon said with a dark voice as he grinned and showed his fangs, Batman then came to the rescue and was about to stab the demon with the dagger, but got kicked back by the demon, Batman dropped the dagger as Diana picked it up and lifted it up and slowly sneaking up to him as he was focusing on Zatanna first, Diana then saw Zatanna and it seemed that Diana was gonna stab her, but the demon threw Zatanna at her. "Oufff!.." Diana groaned and dropped the dagger, Batman got up quickly and threw a batarang to the demon's face, he roared out as Batman picked the dagger up quickly and stabbed it into the demon's stomach, the demon roared out yet again and more louder as the dagger vibrated, Batman threw himself back as he saw that the skin of the demon began to crack, as his eyes began to shoot out flames and his mouth aswell, a huge fire bolt got shot down onto the demon from the night sky, a huge explosion got sent out, followed by a shockwave that sent Diana, Zatanna and Batman out from the factory that was now on fire, the demon was now nothing but an ashpile and a burn mark on the floor, Batman got up and checked on Zatanna. "She'll be okay." he said as Diana stood up. "Yes.." Diana said as Zatanna slowly woke up and stood up. "Did we do it?"
"Yes, we did, it's done." Batman said and turned around and called for the batmobile to pick him up.
"We're a great team." Zatanna said and smiled to Diana. "I believe now that you are good, and not evil anymore, but I do feel something in the air that something is on it's way here, and I don't know what it is, I'll have to check up on this..I'll be seeing you." Zatanna said and began to levitate and fly away, Diana waved her goodbye and smiled.

Diana headed home as she was smirking to herself and got up to her apartment, she closed the door behind her and locked it, she then got into her bedroom, sighing to herself. "What a night, what a night." Diana said to herself as she got over to the closet and opened it and looked down at a girl that has been missing for days, she had black hair, blue eyes, pale skin and bruises and cuts everywhere on her face, she wasn't dead, but terrified, her pants was wet between her legs because of the terror that was awaiting her, this girl was named Lisa.
"I lost my favourite pet today, but don't worry, I will have many more." Diana grinned at Lisa as Diana's eyes turned completely white. "I will soon be here, The time is soon here, I can't wait." Diana smiled as Lisa looked up at her and breathing hard with tears running down her cheeks. "I hope Batman loves the suprise I gave to him." she chuckled and closed the closet door.

As Batman was finally arriving to his Batcave, he got out from his Batmobile and removed his suit, he then wondered where Alfred was, maybe he was in the living room?
Batman left the Batcave and entered the Wayne Manor, but no sign of Alfred, he then saw a broken vase in a corridor and then blood on the wall, Bruce now was worried as he now ran to Alfred's room, only to discover Thomas Elliot Aka Hush cutting a scalpel into Alfred's chest, Bruce yelled out and threw a kick into his ribs that made a crunch sound, which meant that Hush broke a rib, "What the hell do you do here?..Why?..." Bruce asked as he saw Alfred's pale face, Hush then screamed and tried to stab Bruce, but he grabbed Hush's wrist and twisted it, Hush yelled out and got thrown back. "Tell me what to do!.." Hush said and looked up, he tried to get in contact with the voice he heard earlier, but no sign of contact at this point, Bruce then throw a hard kick again that sent Hush flying through a window, Hush groaned and fell into unconscious, Bruce picked him up and stopped the bleeding with bandages. "God damnit, why would he attack you, and why now?!.." Bruce said to himself, Alfred kept breathing barely as he had his eyes closed.
"Bruce Wayne." a dark voice said inside Bruce's skull, the same voice that were haunting Hush earlier before, Bruce got up and looked around. "Who'se there?!.." He yelled out. "Did you like the suprise I gave you?..There will be many more, my sweet, and don't worry about Alfred, he will survive, I told Hush not to kill him." The voice said as Bruce looked back at Alfred. "So it was you that planned the attack.."
"Yes, and you have been a bad boy, killed my favourite pet, now I just have to settle for looking for a new one, and I have one in my mind." The raspy voice said with a sigh.
"I'll break every bone in your body when I find you, and I will find you, you know that." Bruce said angrily.
"You won't find me, I have your identity in my very corporeal palms, and let's say...if I contact one of your greatest enemies, the Joker to find out perhaps?...He will find you and your loved ones, it would be sucha shame to see Barbara in wheels again, now would it?" The voice chuckled. "I will do it, if you don't behave, just think about the destruction it could do if that secret slipped out." The dark raspy voice had a point.
Bruce looked down and closed his eyes as he thought for a moment and then looked up. "What do you want from me?.."
Behind the dark raspy voice was Diana Lyonne, she was sitting on the bed and staring forward with her white covered eyes, smiling to herself.

To be continued..

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