Assuming the pronouns in the death scenes were not a case of the gender-neutral "he" (which it could be), both killers are of the male variety.

Anyone not listed here is either female, gender unspecified, or had private profiles, so I may be missing some.

Key: Alive
  • , Jailed [J], Dead [D], Disqualified [x]

    Confirmed (Alphabetical)

    [J] -Candii_Sweet- - Lover
    [D] Dreaming Over - Innocent
    [J] iBalthier - Human
    [D] Niccolo Ammaniti - Dracula
  • Pandelic DJ
    [x] sai the hokage
    [x] the dragon craft
  • Vigoureux - Innocent
    [J] wildgoat - Human

    Possibly (Probability)
    These are mostly based on names and profile/avi style:

    [x] MaRkIe po0h
    [x] corvusrevenge
  • Japonisme
    [x] Puchny
  • 123jimmy321