A zombie was grabbed by the head and slammed on the wall. The goliath of the first 3 perfect beings had been announcing his new self proclaimed name. He wanted a title other than "monster" or "thing". So he had given himself the name "Rafter". But a zombie had missed this announcement and unknowingly insulted him.
"What's my name?!"
"I-I-I don't know!!!"
"Say Rafter!"
"I don't understand!"
Another slam against the wall. This brutal punishment can't be good for the first born. Their delicate bodies can't stand as much punishment as people should.

Everyone's eyes were drawn toward their direction. The whole room, Rafter included, thought she should be dead by now. the first extreme contact with the wall should have caused her body to shut down. the second should have crushed her head. She was stronger then she looked.
"Say my name is Rafter!"
"Your Rafter!"
He wanted her to repeat his exact word. But Rafter let her go instead.
"good enough."
as she stumbled away from Rafter, she put both her hands on her face. She was terrified and trembling. She was still afraid even now, and her fear grew when she realized how irregular her breathing was. It seems like something in her body really is failing her. She was escorted out of the room after her confrontation with Rafter, either to help her with her irregular breathing, or because she survived.
But what happened to her is a story for another time...