My name is Shinjitsu i am a twenty three year old headstrong holy paladin the last of an ancient order. My mentor died many years ago and left me to teach myself the remaining techniques. I still have much to learn about the world. I was born in a small fishing village and as a young child I showed great potential in magic and fighting techniques. My father died when i was very young leaving my mother to raise me by herself. She later died saving my life when a group of vampires and their werewolf slaves attacked the village. If i had been stronger i could have stopped them and saved the people. I was ten as i watched the werewolves rip my mother apart as I went out to sea. I drifted for days until i came upon the shore of the island that was on the horizon of my village. I slowly crawled out of the boat and up to the shade of the trees and began crying. Later after i finished crying myself into a fitful sleep i am awoken by a stick poking me in my side and a gruff voice speaking to me. "Well boy are you going to sleep there all day or do you want to help me prepare supper for us?" I stand up and back away from the man and get ready to run. "Boy i would not try to run. I am not going to hurt you and you don't need to worry about the vampires can't reach us here i know because they have tried and hate water. My name is Calmerce." As I stand there I let my defense go down and walk over to the man and say "My name is shinjitsu. I will help you with supper."
As I helped with supper i looked around the shack he called home and saw many tomes of knowledge. "Boy come here for a minute please." he speaks to me. "Of course what is it sir?" I ask. "Do you see that lever on the side of the book case come stand beside me and pull it." I do as he asks and the book case spins around. The next thing I know he throws a wooden sword at me and swings one in his hand at me. As I block his attack he keeps stricking at me and I slowly begin to fight back which is what he wants. "Stop Shinjitsu." He says to me as my last swing breaks both swords. I drop my broken sword and look at Calmerces face. He starts to talk "You are strong. I have a proposition for you I can train you to defeat the ones who destroyed your village if you wish as is the way of my order I am the last one alive." I stand there and nod as his question sinks in I raise my head and speak in a proud voice "Yes Calmerce teach me please." As I spoke these words a light shined from my hand and a symbol showed on my hand. Calmerce in shock grabbed my hand and looked at the symbol. "So it is true the legend was true. The lord of truth has arrived."
And so my training began I trained for six long years wondering what he ment by the lord of truth had arrived. At the end of my sixth year under Calmerce he gave me my first misson even though I was only profecient at my sword work and time manipulation magic. "Shinjitsu I want you to go to the mainland and find a werewolf named Triganc and get the package he has for me." "Yes Calmerce." I set sail in the small sail boat i fashioned out of the boat that carried me to the island. As I come into the little seaside dock in the village I was from. I tied the boat up and walked up to the tavern and asked the bartender, "Do you know where I can find a person called Triganc?" "Aye lad he is over in that corner." I walk over to him and sit down. He stares at me with his menceing eyes. I stare back one hand under the table ready to form the symbol for time manipulation. "Boy the package is under a stone in the abandoned house on the waters edge of the village now get out of my site before i get hungry" he says. I bring my hand above the table and turn my hand towards him and speak one word "eu" my hand flares bright as I place it on his head. I see his memorys and see that he is lieing about the packages location instead its a trap I show him the truth of his actions throughout his entire life and as my hand stops glowing I take my hand off of his head and rise leaving the tavern. I go back to the island and tell Calmerce about the trap and my actions. He chastises me, but is happy that I am back alive and well.
One year later Calmerce died of an infection he got from a very old battle wound and left me everything in the shack I later build a bigger home one worthy of a Paladin's status. As I taught myself in all of the arts of fighting and magic I learned of how the vampires who destroyed my village were planning on destroying another village further up the coast. I jumped into my boat with my three swords by my side and my hands ready to fight the vampires. As I approached the village I noticed all of the villagers noticed the armor I wore as a wandering paladin. I went straight to the home of the village elder and spoke with him of the impending attack. "Elder I would like you to evacuate the village until I defeat these vampires the woods nearby are perfect for hiding in, but you will have to eat salted fish you would not be able to risk fires." "Young paladin I know of this attack it comes each year and the chosen have already been tied up for offering" he replys. I raise my eyes to meet his and speak "You give homage to these beasts of night these same beasts killed my mother I watched her ripped to pieces in front of me. Let me end them forever so that your people may live." "I will let you try, but many have tried and failed."
Later on that evening with the village empty I kneel in the center of town and pray to great beings who guide the heavens to grant me strength to defeat these beasts of night. Later I feel the ground vibrating I stand up and face the village entrance. The beasts of night run towards the center of the village and suddenly stop just short of reaching me. My hands resting on my swords hilts I stand until one vampire walks through the crowd of them and speaks to me "Who are you paladin no one can destroy us?" "Correction no one could destroy you but here I stand in front of you ready to give my life to protect the people and that gives me the protection of light and truth" I respond. "Kill him my pets" the lord vampire says. As his werewolf thralls rush me I activate time manipulation and tap each werewolf on the head only knocking them out until I kill their masters. I move back to where I first stood and snap my fingers and let time flow freely again. the vampire lord looks at his wolves and snaps his fingers for his flock to attack. I pull my blades free and turn my hands towards the vampires and speak one word "eu" as my hands flash bright i run through the vampires tapping them with the flat side of my blades. As I run through the vampires I reach the vampire lord and speak with slow even tones "May the lords of light reign eternal on my blades. I am the lord of truth and nothing will stop me." The vampire lord pulls out a blade of his own, but sweeps it back as the blade sweeps back it extends into a whip blade. I sheathe my two swords by my side and pull my third blade out and spin it into the air and it extends turning into a whip blade. I swing my blade forward piercing the lord vampires heart right before he drops and dies he swings his blade forward shattering my blade into thousands of tiny shards. I let go of the hilt and my hand exploads into a white purifying fire. I walk over to the Vampire lord and cross his head and he turns to ash and dissapears on the winds. The sun slowly climbs on the horizon and the light covers each vampire and they become purified and become human again and the werewolves rise in their human forms and pledge not to harm anyone ever again.
As I climb on board my boat and sail towards home a boat comes up next to me quickly and ask me if everyone could come to where I live. I notice it is one of the werewolves and tell her "Of course no one should be without a home go to the village further down the coast and I will meet you there in five days time." The werewolf nods and turns back to the beach. As i sail back home and now know what I need to do. I unwrap the whip blade that I took from the dead vampire lord and sanctify it in pure light and dip it into the water of the sea to complete the purification. When I arrive home I start to chop down trees to help make homes and beds for everyone who is coming but afterwards I need to take a journey to hone my skills.