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This journal isn't just for show!
ideas, unfinished works, finished works and things that make you wonder why I even keep a journal anyway
Flight ???
Breaking News:
A mysterious new group has arrived in Korea! This new trio was last seen tending to EXO after another sasaeng attack. Thanks to their skills, they have successfully driven the crazy fans away. But who are these three? Well, here's a little interview:

"Hello viewers of Daily News, we're the Fanged Task Force, Lanbuster! I'm Wolzar and these are my companions..Dufox and Triger"

"Interesting, so you guys are just like the Wildwings huh?"

"Yes, but we are better than those birds..so if any of the Wildwings are watching, watch out because we Landbusters are always on the prrrowl!!"

"And remember, anyone can be a hero..not just the Wildwings..but you guys as well!"

"Wow, that's pretty spicy..well back to you Leeteuk!!"

I switched off the TV, these stupid Landbusters don't stand a chance against us. We're well-trained and well-known..so they can't stop us.

"That wasn't even an interview, and who do they think they are to diss us like that?" Seohyun frowned as she opened the TV again to watch Keroro.

"Yeah, Tiffany-unnie..they're overconfident" Yoona nodded while she was sitting beside Seohyun.

"I don't know..but I have a bad feeling about this" I gave out a sigh, rookies these days. Back in the past, when Wildwings was still unknown..the girls and I had to work twice as hard to get recognition.

"Oh, where are the other girls anyway? We're gonna train hard right now.."

Soon, two girls barged in the door. "Hey guys, sorry if we got late..Sica-baby and I had to get the application forms for university" Yuri said as she walked right in with Jessi.

"Yeah, what she said..so why do you guys look so serious anyway?" Jessica sat down in the couch while reading her review materials.

"See for yourself unnies" Seohyun showed a video clip of the news interview. Afterwards, the two girls just looked at us with raised eyebrows.

"Seriously, is that the best they can do? Swat away sasaeng fans, geez.." Jessica facepalmed, Yuri on the other hand nodded and laughed..but wait where is Tae-Tae?

The door burst open to reveal Taeyeon who was obviously huffing out. "Sorry guys, I got winded up..I had to meet up with my choirmates for a while"

"Its alright Tae-Tae..let's change up and train alright?" The older girl nodded and went to the changing room with the rest.

In the midst of training, we got a message from HQ..it seems that we have a mission. There..we all changed up into the Wildwings.

"Let's do this guys!!!" I yelled out as soon as we flew out of HQ..our mission was to give chase to some runaway thieves, there we saw the Landbusters.

"What the hell are you doing here?!" I yelled out towards the three armor-clad ladies in front of us.

"Saving the day, duuuuh! Am I right Dufox and Triger?" Wolzar said mockingly as she looked at her two comrades, they all gave a sneer and growl towards the Wildwings.

"We'll show you who's rrreally bosss" Triger said as she started to attack Yoona and Seohyun.

"Gaaah, let's go Owl!!! Combination Attack: Helion Burst!!" Yoona said loudly as she and Seohyun started to lunge towards Triger.

"Ugh, I never expected two tiny birds to hit me like this.." Soon, Dufox started to attack Taeyeon and Tiffany with a fireball.

"The great Hawk and Eagle..will soon become fried Chicken before your very eyes..say your last prayers! BWAHAHAHAHAHA" Soon, the flames vanished to reveal...

"WHAT THE?! WHERE DID THOSE BIRDS GO?!" Dufox was soon attacked by Taeyeon and Tiffany..

"Seriously, you guys sounded so boastful on TV..what happened?" I asked them quizzically, here Wolzar started to growl.

"No one messes with my group members, NO ONE MESSES WITH THEM!! COME AT ME YOU STUPID BIRDS!!" Wolzar screamed as she started to attack Yuri and Jessica. Here, the two girls started to shield themselves with the Swan Guard.

"YOU COWARDS!! Playing with your toys won't save the day..so come on salt and pepper...better drop that thing and fight me like real WOMEN.."

"Women?! H-How do they know about us.." I stopped in and thought for a while. Tae-Tae also decided to observe as Yuri and Jessica were still shielding themselves.

"Swan, is this really a good idea? I think that thing is starting to threaten us.."

"Yes Raven, just keep yourself under wraps..don't let those insults get to you.."

"Ah, so you two prefer playing turtle huh? Don't worry, I'm gonna hunt you all down like prey..let's go Wolcannon!!!" Here, Wolzar's arm soon morphed into a cannon and fired shots towards the shield.

"HAHAHAHAHA, see turtles!! You're all food in the chain of life"

"Food? Seriously, Wolzar likes food..wait, can't it be? I hope not.." I was starting to worry, I hope Yuri and Jess are fine..but then, they are well-trained..

"Thinking to yourselves, huh Hawk and Eagle? I hope you enjoy thinking, because today's your last day to even exist" Dufox started firing multiple bursts, here I used my Eagle

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