Happy Halloween everybody!! biggrin
I'm with Jack!

Is anyone going trick or treating tonight? I've never been trick or treating before, and it looks like this year is yet another year that I don't have the chance to do so. sad

Anyway, you all have to agree with me that maths is very very fun, yes? Absolutely! It is something so mysterious and exciting to know about and it challenges your mind and the logic itself is just so beautiful. whee Every time you learn a new thing in maths it's like a new door is unlocked in your brain and you get this feeling of wanting to know more and learn more about it. Maths never bores me, and it never will! Being in a group of 'mathletes', discussing questions and learning together is one of the best thing in maths class. It's great to see everyone throwing ideas around, attempting to solve a difficult problem. It's just a great environment to be in. wink

A beautiful day today, could've been better if it wasn't so hot! emo

One Piece is the best!