Nora blew a strand of her chestnut brown hair out of her face. It must have slipped out of her ponytail, which was not uncommon when she was waiting on numerous tables at the Lost Road restaurant. Although it was off the beaten path, Lost Road could get pretty busy around happy hour when workers from the nearby power plant ended their shifts. Nora stepped up to a table of three men and introduced herself. "What can I get for you three?" She asked, pen and pad ready to take their orders. The first two quickly gave their orders. "And for you?" She turned to the final man. She had been aware that he had been sizing her up from head to toe, but she had not expected what happened next. "I"ll take an order of you" he said reaching around to pinch her butt. A sly grin spread across his face. Nora occasionally got comments like this, especially since most of the customers were men. However, no one had ever touched her before. She usually handled this type of situation well and laughed it off. Today though, Nora was in no mood. She was only an hour away from finishing her twelve hour shift. She slapped his hand away hard. She glared down at him and walked away. She decided if he wanted service he could hustle Terry, she was the type of girl who would thrive over that man's type of attention. "Stupid b***h..." She heard over her shoulder.

In the back room Nora took a minute to calm down before she headed back out to the dinning room. A bell rang from the kitchen meaning one of her orders was done. She quickly rushed over to the window. "Nora, where were you? This food has been dying in the window." Said Taylor the owner of Lost Road restaurant with a stern look on his face. "Sorry...needed a minute to catch my breath." She gave an apologetic look. He simply nodded and turned back to the next order. With her order in hand, Nora walked to the table who ordered it. When she past the table of the three men though, the one who insulted her stuck out his foot and Nora stumbled. She regained her balance, but the plates of food fell from her hands. Without even thinking, she thrust her hands forward and using her telekinesis, stopped them from crashing to the floor. While the plates were floating in mid air she realized the whole restaurant had gone eerily quiet. Everyone had stopped what they were doing to stare at her. Nora's face flushed red and she quickly set the plates on the closest table. The man who had caused her tumble looked appalled. "Your a mutant!" He sounded close to hysteria. Nora took a few steps back and took off towards the kitchen.