Trick or Treat
Sandy Claws!

For this game boys and girls you will be collecting gold and information!

1. Each profile you visit you must leave a comment with a quote or lyric from the movie "The Nightmare Before Christmas".
2. On each profile look for your next "victim". Each one has a quote next to them (that has nothing to dew with the movie).
3. PM the list of Quotes (in order of who you visited) here.
4. In the end you should end up back at the start point
4. Each Trick or Treater gets a small prize from each person they visited and 25k in gold after completing this task.

You will NOT win if:
Your quotes are wrong (you wont get the small gift from the person who's quote was wrong but you still get everything else.)
You dew not send the PM (you won't get the gold)
You POST HERE FOR THE WORLD TO SEE instead of sending a private message (your moronic a** wont get a mutha ******** thing GTFO! scream )

You can trick or treat for the gold only once but the small items can be trick or treated for until January 1st!

Your Journey begins

-----> HERE <-----