It's something that ignores you. The more that it rejects you, the more that you want it. It can criticize and cut at you but you'll still crave it. Don't despair. The love is a lie. And we're all just going to s**t.

I had been on this spiral for two weeks now and it reached its height this week? I skipped classes Tuesday, all of them, and now I feel truly ********. I still feel all a mess and yet I have to move on. They don't let you miss two days. They allow one. My teachers won't even allow me to make-up work I missed from the one day. Imagine the points I miss from two?! I mean... I can't work right now in this state. I try to but I just can't and it's no use trying to get me to learn. I might as well not be there in class because I'm not there mentally at all.