Starting Japanese lessons today, something I've always wanted to learn, and recently been trying to make new friends from Japan but they get agitated because they're just learning English and I don't know Japanese, so through this wonderful video on youtube, a wonderful young woman who tells people where to go to learn Japanese, not in a class room I mean I've started learning. I already know French, and Spanish which both are rusty and a tiny bit of Korean, and I'm pretty sure I know no, yes, hi, and water in Japanese but time to FULLY learn the language, wish me luck. Oh apparently I'm impressive because I own my own business and create the things I sell in my store, what? Even with no customers it's still apparently pretty impressive to some which I'm mind blown about because here I was thinking with no customers it was NOT impressive at all, but I guess it is impressive thinking about it, because it means I had the courage to go do this on my own, make products and try to sell them to the population, hm, it really is impressive, not only that but attempting to write a book, that's impressive as well. I'm seriously beginning to think I was born on the wrong side of the globe as well because apparently I have the mannerisms of a Japanese person as opposed to an American.