The pricing on the items are actually quite interesting. They lowered the cost of Panda and Grizzly Hat, DJs, which so far has increased the listing in the marketplace. As for the other items like minis, OMG hat and Devil tail, there are already quite the number in the market already despite the inflation.

But in regards to the constant flash sales, and my opinion on it is merely based on this simple fact which everybody should be familiar with. Gaia is a business, they have to generate revenue. So they decided to sell things (in this case, pixel items for you to dress your avatar - just as you would buy clothes to dress yourself). You are the consumer, you only have to decide between purchasing or not purchasing - its that easy. I don't get why people would have to be so upset over something to trivial.

True, people in the past have invested (gave donations) onto this site to get these luxurious items. Sure they've worked for it and there is the gratification of achieving a quest. But what of it? at the end of the day the item itself mean nothing, there is no physical means, only a mental association of it being rewarding.

Lets say for example, you have been saving up for a new apple mac book. When it comes out, you spend x amount of dollars on it, and you finally got it! Do you feel gratification in that? Heck ya, because the money you earned is from saving up through the contributions you provided at work for rigorous, similarly just as you saved up your gaia gold from say, bumping in a thread for a month. The only difference here is that the mac book actually has physical means and its physically yours - you can touch it and do w.e you want with it-. Great, this is perfect.

But lets say the very stock on the mac book you just purchased went out of stock. Is this fair to the other people who "worked and saved" just as much as you did, but you got it first because you were able to afford it before they did? OF COURSE YOU WOULD THINK ITS FAIR. I mean you did your work man. You went in advance to pre-order, line up, sleep in front of the store for it - w.e, you basically did the requirements for it, its yours, you deserve it. period. A round of applause for your hard work and efforts.

So...what about those who also did their work, but can't get what you have and Apple refuses to restock?

Well, for one thing, you don't need to care, its not your problem. You obtained this popular item fair and square. You can do whatever you want with it right? you could split the screen and the keyboard in half and use them as plates for your morning breakfast consisting of eggs and bacon, or use a sharpie and doodle your name all over it, or use it as a frisbee to teach your dog new tricks. Whatever, its yours, therefore you can do anything with it. You can keep it forever. And if you don't like it, well you can even sell it out. Oh, snap. That's right, you can also sell it out. wait what?! sell it out?! perfect!

Since the store doesn't plan on restocking it, why not sell it for a higher market price? Clearly it makes sense to profit from this as the opportunity is present, and there is no one or any reason stopping you. So, you can sell it for a higher asking price than original retail - I mean, why not, right? And you do. You get loaded with them monies and you invest in other products that the store releases for a short duration of time. Just like the first product, the store refuses to restock these products as well, and you do the same cycle over again.

so few macbooks and so much people wanting this product, we can only see the numbers of listing declining, and all the other products bought out eventually have the same effect. Price increase, listing decrease. Old people (during the time with the same opportunity as you to obtain one) and new people (who are new and just started working) are paying ridiculous amounts for these limited sacred mac book, many concerns were brought into the feedback section of the stores.

So... What can be done? Well the stores sees this as an issues and realizes whats happening. And merely restocking items won't exactly balance the economy at the moment.

The only way to make it happen was to provide people the chance to get more funding than what they originally have to offer for the macbook to buy from other users.

But this did not resolves the problem, as listings for the mac book was still limited and it was a fact that not everyone was given the fair opportunity as the old people did to get the item at the day when rates were lower and them doing the same requirements the original owners did in the past. And they have to "suffer" (suffer...not really, just lack of better words, so I'll use it for now) for it by paying the fluctuated rate caused by the original owners.

This was clearly seen by the store yet again, but in order to tackle this problem directly they decided to announce a restock on the macbooks. Since they cannot charge for the same past rate otherwise it would be unfair to the original owners, they charged the same product for slightly more than they first sold it and for a short duration. Some people were happy because they no longer have to pay a ridiculous price for it, while others (original owners), think...dammit, I worked so hard for it, why are they doing this to me? I am losing so much right now....I need to address this issue as a feedback to the store. It's not right. :/

What's the problem here really?

Whatever your concern is, drop it for now. Step back and Breathe.

Lanzer even promised in his announcement that the team is currently working on the core concerns of the site and will bring about how to address them.

So why not just see what they have in store for us instead of basing head on with what is currently happening?


To Buy or Not to Buy. That is the question.